Inner Life Writes

Here is the second instalment of my new book Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto For RE-Connecting To Love, RE-Newing Your Mind and Radiating Your Light.

There is a Personal Historical Heroine Journey I had to do for me, having experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences, and all the hurt and baggage that comes with it. I had to heal this (psychological) wound so I may Go and Grow on; fulfilling the potential of all that I may- in this time- be. The poem below talks about that wound, and my first book Back to Love shares and tells that journey and story…

Part One: The Personal Historical

The Wise Innocent knows that our lives

are defined not by what happens to

us, but by how we think about what

happens to us.

Carol S. Pearson, The Hero Within

POEM: Taboo To-Boot

Can I talk of it here?

Hope you don’t squirm in your chair and pretend

not to hear…

I know it can be hard acknowledging someone

else’s pain – especially when yours is exactly

the same.

How many of you have experienced childhood

abuse –

physical, emotional, sexual too?

The great taboos we are most forbidden from disclosing,

especially if the abuse took place in our own houses..

Perhaps it was by thy mother or thy father;

an uncle, an aunt, a sister, a brother –

or some other family member or friend…

shall I go on? You say when.

Or then again, maybe it was all of the above,

the likes of which was carefully coated in sugar sweet love.

Child Abuse, the betrayal of betrayals,

shatters the soul, leaving great big gaping holes

in places that comes to feel it can never be filled,

creating areas in your being where you daren’t let others in.

Not to mention the maddening silence

whereby you are expected to forever refrain

from ever speaking about it, therefore releasing the pain-

the price of which extinguishes your own flame.

And somewhere inside an essential part of you dies,

hidden, buried, abandoned, denied,

as you try to carry on and lead a so called ‘normal life.’

Suffering so, secretly hating yourself,

where nothing feels real, or lasts for long,

and all good feelings are dead and gone.

To cope, you may have forgotten what happened to you;

for this you will never be true..


take heart, dear heart I am here to tell and share-

there are people out there who really do care!

You see, Your Soul can never be totally destroyed;

just realise that you can decide, at any given time,

to recreate Your Life. Such is the Power

that lies within you: to Self-actualise and to thine

own self, be true.

Give yourself another chance; embrace the all

of which you are, for despite the perpetrator’s disgrace,

it wasn’t you who fell from being

an honourable member of the human race.

Refuse to give eyes to their why’s and their lies

of their transgressions – YOU WERE NEVER TO BLAME,

it was their crime against you that made you a shame.

Strengthen your linking influence in the cycle of life by

fighting for Your Rights, making your spirit strong,

and daring to sing your own redemption song.

Honour that part of you that lies tattered and blue

and needs to be recovered, it’s been long overdue.

Now is the time for resurrection –

for some kind of emotional and spiritual correction

– don’t you too pass the buck back down into generations.

Let’s save the babies, our higher ideals,

by cherishing our children and teaching them how

to be real valuable members of the community.

Let’s keep them near and dear to our hearts,

and do our very best to give them good starts,

so they won’t come to be many times defeated in

the race of life.

Cuddle them, talk to them, show them you care;

let them know, if all else fails,

you will always be there.

Teach them also, all that glitters is not gold –

don’t leave them open to the draining and theft of their Souls.

And finally, before I go, know this too –

You can’t truly love someone

if you don’t love you. 

This subject of Childhood abuse, especially sexual abuse is never an easy one to talk on. But as with the saying, feel the fear and do it (the difficult thing) anyway, I feel the shame (not mines), and speak on this issue, anyway! The wound needs to be aired to get true and lasting deep-rooted healing, similar to the principles governing the healing of physical body. We can’t see the psychological, just mostly the impacts: addiction, promiscuity, self-harm, PTSD, Depression, suicide, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem/lack of self-belief, enduring personality disorders, sleeping difficulties, trust issues, to list a few.  Not seeing psychological wounding clearly, does not make it less real, less painful; impacting, harmful.

Peace and Love,


Inner Life Rise

In the next coming weeks, I will be sharing Excerpts from my new book,

Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto For RE-Connecting To Love, RE-Newing Your Mind, and Radiating your Light. This is book two in the Back to love series..

Available to purchase at Amazon and other big and smaller book selling outlets. Google my name Denise James for more information about my books and practice as a Psychotherapist.

Here is the first instalment taken from the introduction: just a piece, not the whole piece. Enjoy! And remember to buy!!

…Having RE-turned from the wreckage of my personal &
collective past, arriving at my more psychologically,
racially, spiritually liberated Self, I believe my purpose on
this earth plane is to be a Light-Giver and Bearer, offering
in the sharing of my Inner-sight, pearls of wisdom: lessons
learned from The Great Wisdom School of Learning from
Experience to Progress and Move Forward.

Like the Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Maat, I bring my
heart to bear and weigh against the light of my most deep
and true inner-outer life experience, coming from my
Soul’s unique perspective. I own these Inner Life RE flections.
I own them totally and soulfully, knowing that how I
see, we see, “the world” is “filtered through our own individual
experiences: one REALity many people to experience
it, in unique diversity. Out of One, many.

The Critical Psychological and Philosophical Analysis INSights/
Her Says (Essays) shared here are raw, real, relevant
and contemporary, “filled with the wisdom gained from
knowing myself deeply, from this learning and RE-turning,
and learning and RE-turning some more. Some of the
Essays/Her Says shared here are memoir-like, some teachings,
some poetry. All very human and applicable to the
human (felt) experience and condition. The Personal is
universal as well as political.

I truly believe, as human beings, we have that something
inside so strong, that InnerLight In-Sight, that can help us
overcome almost anything and everything in this life,
whilst holding steadfast to an unwavering love for humanity,
in all its light forms.

This collection, and petition of and for opening more to
Inner Life, are on subjects very close to my heart and the
Heart and Soul of my healing, RE-Newal and RE-turn.
Subject matters which us humans struggle & grapple with,
which have reached fever pitch in the world again today.

Yet, a critical mass has been building, especially of the
back of the 2020 Pandemic that was, still is, and still has
us reeling from, Covid. Michael Meade in his book,
‘Awakening the Soul’, sums up most beautifully this RE-Newing
way of being & experiencing the world more lit
and awake when he said,

In the course of Life, we must awaken to a
greater Sense of Self or else become more
isolated, divided and subject to increasing
anxieties and feelings of helplessness and
despair. The most common reason for despair
and alienation comes from not being who we
truly are at the Core of Our Souls. The human
Soul, by its very nature, is ancient and

Peace & Love,

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Peace & Love,


On Being with In..

I am rediscoverINg

Sweet Serenity with In.

Rediscovering the beauty Is with In;

That All That Is- and Is truly

nourishing & good- Comes out of In;

Comes from Being With In and learning to take the Whole Experience in.

There’s no thing like In!

Getting to more intimately know In, and The All In has to give, Is amazing!

Amazing as Grace, her beautiful face and her awesome Ways.

So glorious an insperience with In, that you have to take your time: take your time & take One tiny mighty transformational bite size.

And you’ve got to give that bite to bite space and time to transmutate & Inside-out Actualize.

So Here you find me, increasingly making Peace with In,

a Peace that, like me, truly,

has been a long time coming.

Better late than never, I say.

Peace & Love,


Personal & Collective Trauma Awareness Matters

I am very excited that my next book Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto for Re-Connecting to Love, Re-Newing Your Mind & Radiating Your Light, will be published early next year, with the option before then to preorder at Amazon.

I talk somewhat about the above- Personal & Collective Trauma- in that book. I believe my book will be a great read for people truly interested & invested in Championing a love for humanity, and how that must look & feel.

In the meantime, I thought I would share this video here, one that spells out very clearly the relationship between trauma & adversity experienced in childhood and later physical and mental health vulnerabilities in adulthood. We need to get this people, in our own personal and collecitive life & circles…

Peace & Love,


The Word

I don’t abuse Words,
or misuse Words; I use Words to
show and tell the truth of my being
and feelings- my Words are revealing,
sacred even, because in the beginning there was,
The Word.

And now, the pleasure it brings,
and how my soul sings to share
meaningful Holy Communication with you-
another who is true and uses Word Power to
inspire righteous truth.

So, let’s get down to some good conversating
and together incarnate The Spaces wherein
our Words rings true, and reawakens
the innermost recess of you, me, us, we,
and in our resurrected rediscovery let’s create
anew, by speaking affirmative Words into,

the Deeds we do, the Words we use,
the Thoughts that are pure, and all the more
re-presents you, fore as a people and a species
we have Nuff Work to do.

Peace & Love,