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Human-doings, that is what we have become. Twenty-four hours we are given in a day and we action it to the hilt. Mankind is truly making progress in becoming actual machine. The glorification of busy is at full speed. We treat ourselves and drag around our body like some dead weight, as if the body won’t exact certain cause and effect revenge. We do the same to the earth.

We are the only specifies in the world that works so hard at being anything other than itself. Apples ain’t trying to be oranges; elephants, giraffes; pigs, foxes…We have allowed our minds to run amok and get stuffed with what the world says is good for us; so terribly misguided we are.

So sad for example to see beautiful young women almost doing away with their beautiful selves by drawing all over their face; plastering on masks instead: massive eye lashes, drawn on over the top eye brows, spray tans, foundation that goes on for days. Why? Because it is now fashion; because everyone else does. We are fashioning ourselves out of existence. This is not a personal attack on any body; I just think it is such a great big pity that young/women don’t know they are already uniquely pretty in and of themselves.

How does the woman with all this added effects feels about her true self when she nightly takes the mask off? My feeling is not very comfortable; not very good. I think that is a great shame, because it is the real that is the true, not the version the world puts out and demands, “This is you!” As a Course in Miracles said, “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exist…” Think on this for a minute, or two…

Maybe I find this easy to talk on and recognise because since I was a child I never wanted to follow anything or anybody. I wanted to be myself- well, once I gave up on wishing I was a long-haired white little girl. I wanted to set my own standard, like watch the latest film , get this or that particular gadget and/or outfit when I got round to it- not when everyone is on the hype tip.

I seem to have been born with an inbuilt aversion to following popular opinion. And if I am going to be a part of any crowd, it is the crowd of the underdog, the fringe-dwellers. Those who stand just enough on the outside of things, looking in, so as not to get lost in ‘other,’ a lack of presence and perspective that obscure the much bigger and more important picture.

I’m never with the ‘popular’ because I have done already experienced and paid a high traumatic price for not fitting in, based on looks. I have already had front seat to the ‘normal;’ to the ‘popular;’ to the ‘that’s the way of things, why change it.’ Change it because that way stinks; because that way is unfair and cannot wholesomely prosper being inhumane and unjust by its very nature. Soon the cause and effect chicken must come home to roost, and I don’t want to be in the vicinity when all hell breaks loose.

So the morale of this blog is people, just because most people do this and/or that, does not make this and that the thing to do, it just means that those people lack the required amount of individuality, consciousness and courage to go against the tide and increase real and true life. It just means most people find it hard to think for themselves and use well that warm blooded mammal brain we have been given- and some have argued supposedly makes us superior to the animals…questionable…🤔

I do not buy into that at all. At least animals are being true to who they are and living their lives as their lives has been designed to be lived. They have that on lock down; we have our true self on lock down because we are afraid to be singled out. That is why I love love love people who goes out on limbs, even if they don’t have what is considered talent; they tried; so brave! Whilst the secretly frightened, who cannot dare to find it in him or herself to truly show themselves, sit back in their “tiny-hearted safety in numbers” armchair, criticising and pointing pointless fingers at those who dares. When in the eyes of Life, those that dares, wins.

Through my own daring and going out on limbs, I have come to feel very comfortable holding my corner. I have come to feel quite at home standing alone, especially when I dare to take a stand and say what is in my heart and soul, going against the status quo. And when I am coming to the end of my time, whenever that may be, at least I would die knowing I was me, and I fulfilled who I was called to be. That I didn’t die with that beautiful music locked inside of me; that I danced to my own humane tune.

That is the Peace Of Mind I fall asleep with every night, and what with sleep, I believe, being a dress rehearsal for the coming end of transient time, I have my prioritises right and I am daily rehearsing well. So to my mind, when nature calls having to endure the “this too shall pass” discomforting fear of being my “uncomfortable truth” self is a very small price to pay. And this Sweet Surrendered Peace of Mind, no amount of money, masks and fitting in will ever be able to buy- though it does try and the powers that don’t know how To Be daily endeavours to milk us dry.

This way of Being is my daily bread, as mankind in his/her right mind, cannot live happily and well by material alone. And the top prize? I get to keep this Peace and have it live, rest and abide in me, even when I am challenged by the various existential life-givens that comes with the human condition!

Yes, this is the Life I every day choose to be living, remembering that I am not my life’s contents, but Life its very self.

Peace & Love,