Lady Sings The Blues…©



The Blues ain’t nothing But The Sun trying to Shine…


Feeling down, way down low,

not knowing where to turn,

or how to go.


Black and Blue-lonely too,

feeling like such a fool,

all grown, and never schooled

in matters of my Heart.


Longing to get high-

so high; to supply i and I

with the right wings I need to fly

and escape this limited existence

of estranged coincidence.


Hungering for attention,

a mirror, a real reflection-

in desperate need of affection;

a small dose will do-

just enough to see me through.


Oh! The absence of another’s presence,

the history and pure agony of it

leaves an aching, a waiting, a wanting

in my soul, that refuses to be filled

with just-anything.


It is time to be still, this I know,

a difficult pill to swallow,

when Ego wants to Go! Go! Go!

and give into the temptation

to persist in self-abnegation.


Defiant, defensive,

terrified of caving in,

freezes out tender feelings,

a battle ensues within.


Energy drains;

feels like I’m going insane

as I surrender to ancient fears and pains,

realising that they too are me, dying

to be acknowledged, and set free.


Enlightened, revelation dawns

forbidding, foreboding, clouds and storms;

reassuring vulnerabilities-

wizening out ambiguities, lets,


“And Still I Rise”

fresh air in.


A New Day arrives,

as rainbow coloured tears cry,

clearing grey skies,

gives way to golden rays

of sunshine, that throws my Soul

out, before me-Self-realised.


To this present, time

is where you find me

standing on the other side, Real Eyes In

That the Blues, the Blues ain’t nothing

But the Sun trying to Shine.


So maybe next time round,

when I am feeling upside down,

I will remember to let go, let God and pray-

and move my sweet behind

out of harm’s way!

Insperience, 2001



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