Inspired, In-Spirit..©

There is nothing like a jog in the park, some warm sunshine, and some sweet SOUL music- Charlie Wilson & T.I “I’m Blessed,” to set Inspiration on flight and creative juices to overflowing….I’m Blessed, Yes! I’m Blessed!!!


Taking The Bend..

Taking The Bend, not on the road, but by Sea,

Captain of my Crew, taking me

in Renewed directions,

to The Land of Dreams.

All on Deck Denise-

book to publish, old wounds turned

to Wondrous Joy; Peace of Mind;

Happiness of Heart; Inspiration flying high.

Sending up through no longer remorse code,

New & Clear Messages, no more divisiveness-

We’ve Got This!

Time to Step Up onto dry land, to finally find footing

now that I can discern fact from fiction,

with no inside-out friction:

this mission has been quite something!

Coming Home Now,

Back to Self,  Back to Love, Back to God-

The Milk & Honey Land I have long dreamed of!

Here I am; finally taken, Just As I Am,

Standing in my Truth; bearing Precious Fruits…

Captain & Crew,

Nothing but Smooth Sailing.


Peace & Love,



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