The Quest ©

The QUESTion is not what you do for a living but what you Live to do….I read this somewhere recently and I loved it. I have so many things I love/live to do and it is those things that drives me and gives my life purpose, meaning, peace and joy. Even when things go the ways I would not want, this idea and way of living and being makes everything ok- and sustains me. This perspective serves me well in the world and with all that is going pear shaped in it. I believe that there is a higher order and good and true things going on behind and beyond the scenes that our tiny little humans minds cannot gather- and to a certain extent that is how is should be: Good & Great is the Mystery. Just needed go share- sharing my insights and discoveries is one of the things I Live to do. More power to us all people.

Peace & Love,




Follow-Through ©

Integrity, a word and its meaning,

that has been lost to the world:

No Follow Through at any level.


Everyone saying what is expected, and right;

not enough people meaning what they’ve said,

but are expert at convincing themselves, otherwise.


An old sage once said that-

“An Integral being knows without going,

sees without looking,

and accomplishes without doing.” Lao Tzu.

Think about this people…


Follow Through.

It is not enough to mouth things and think that is it;

someone who has integrity can be counted on to be,

consistently, their One True Self-

no matter what circumstances they find themselves;

Integrity flows through.


I have yet to find that in romantic relationships,

and at the level of government, and schools-

and other key institutions where Integrity remains

consistently missing; yet, its civilians

are expected to model what it has not been given;



But I will all- ways be who I say I am;

I will always be congruent, because I love

the peace of mind that follows being and living true.


And my knowing without going and looking for external validation,

is as true today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.


My seeing without looking needs no further researching,

as all has been done and said in so many different ways.


And my accomplishing without doing

comes from being totally unified from inside

that I and my life just flows and shines.


My God and My Soul are One, and the I

that physically lives in the world, merely takes dictation,

from a well spring that is at heart benevolent,

and is at all times, Relevant.


There is at all times, a Reveal-a-tion that flows

so I may continue to grow, and be a living testimony  of Integrity,

living its most Precious Dreams, made Real-a-lity.


And Satisfaction? Absolutely guaranteed.

There is no other Self I’d rather be, than me.


Peace & Love,