Fear of Change ©

The following is an extract taken from a book I am currently writing and putting together. Watch this space for further information on that, as well as on my autobiography, two pieces of work which I hope to have published one day.

Fear of Change

I will begin these reflections with an article entitled The Fear of Change, which I wrote in 2000 for an independent magazine called Executive Black Women. I was one of their quarterly featured writers, writing on the theme of personal development, self-transformation, and realising dreams.  I came upon this article recently and thought that I would include it here in this collection. Good to see, 18 years on, I am still very much on track in regard to my own self-rediscovery, living of my truth, and overall following of my bliss.

Avoiding facing our fears is the greatest obstacle in living the life that we have imagined, even if we have only done so, quietly and fleetingly, in the secret chambers of our hearts.  A Jamaican folklore says, “De higher a monkey clime, de more ‘im exposed;” meaning, the higher a monkey climbs, the more fear it is exposed to as a natural part of the growth process and course, therefore fear per se ought not put us off. Fear, like change is a natural part of life and need not impede us in our forward movements in it.

The urgency and need for personal and collective change remains ever urgent as it was at the turn of the new millennium when I wrote this article – and as it had been at other crucial points in human history. The hope of change and all the good that comes with taking risks and going out on limbs, I believe is the call of us human beings: the next step on our evolutionary ladder. Dare we take it? Even though very scary at first, stepping out on faith is always richly rewarded. I have found this to be the case time and again in my own life, as well as in the lives of my clients during my accompaniment with them on their very brave ‘know thyself’ inner terrain Journeys.

Every day is an act and a jumping in on faith. For example, faith in the hope that the day will turn out well; that tomorrow will be given us; that our loved ones will be well; that all the invisible hands that ensures we have all the things we need to get us through our day will be there daily doing the same, like the supplying of electricity and gas, the nicely packaged ready and waiting food; like public transport running and being on time to get us and take us daily from and to our various A’s and B’s.

So we already get a lot of practice in faith and stepping out on it, be it though for most of us this living in faith is a more unconscious than conscious way of living and being. When we truly get how much of our living and being is an act of faith and let that faith be more consciously in operation and action in our lives, we can come to experience life more graciously, and gratefully, taking nothing for granted, and appreciating everything, which in turn brings with it more lasting inside-out happiness. An inside-out happiness that spills over into all our relationships: those with our nearest and dearest as well as our brotherhood of man.


Peace & Love,


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