The Eternal Moment ©

The Eternal Moment of now. When I reflect on this it gives me this feeling of reverence; of a bigger picture that I cannot get my head around- and that I am not suppose to. Which human being can get its head around Eternity? In all Its Glory? Nobody.

The Eternal Moment of now fills me with a mystery; a mystery that is me, and is Wonder Full. What does it do for you?

It fills me with such Peace that maybe, just maybe this world, and how it mostly negatively appears,  with its great and daily injustices and the mean spiritedness of seemingly privileged people believing they have the right to act toward other people with such inhumane callousness, that maybe Some-great-thing’s got this, and all this worldly angst and suffering is mostly smokescreen..

That maybe behind some Reverent Curtain there is a most grand design, that we have been given hints of, but which gets lost in all the negativity this world likes to breed, because it sells some capitalistic thing, and gets dressed up in, this is what the people want and need. What are the hints of this grandness we overlook and have mostly taken for granted, you may ask..

Just for a moment, think about how this body we inhabit wonderfully works; every molecule and atom, every part and sub part joined together in this beautiful dance in keeping us alive and finding ways to enjoy life – and avoid pain. Imagine. Such intricacies working together mostly without our bidding, but doing awesomely great, nevertheless. Imagine this great big universe of stars and planets and solar systems, all working  harmoniously together similarly without us having a thing to do with it.

We as human beings are truly egocentric believing we have control and dominance over a world we know very little about. A body and world that works beautifully, timely, magnificently and consistently by itself, without our conscious input, and in so doing, hasn’t destroyed itself. Destructiveness mostly come from our end.

The Eternal Moment of now, the thought of it soothes my soul and grounds my physicality, enabling me to feel some iota of safety and peace in a world so lost to itself and so terribly caught up in projected self-hatred. Rumi captured this Eternal Moment notion so well when he said,

“You are not a drop in the ocean, You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

Nuff said..

Peace & Love,



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