Time & I ©

From the beginning of My Time, time and I have had a difficult relationship. For a little while, time was fine, then it became more like the enemy: something needing escaping from; something needing made sweeter of. Time felt very long back then. Then when I came to a certain turning point in my life, time felt like something I could, perhaps, get to know, and use to right wrongs.

Since that time, with time, our relationship- and time together- has been evolving. Now I can, more often than not, enjoy time, no longer seeing it as the enemy as much. Now time feels more precious, that I don’t wish to rush, but savour, every, delicious, second, drop. And with time, I wish to develop a more intimate relationship; I want to learn,  all the more, to be in time, enjoying & appreciating it, not worrying about it running out and/or my wasting it.

Now I feel like I can afford to get lost in time space and let time lift and hold me up. Now it feels like time can – and is- working for me, and I, it. And never again will I use such words as “killing time;” I just want to be with time, and trust in time, and work with time, and overall enjoy my time here, being, more consciously, alive.

And, what I do with, and how I spend My Time, is nobody’s business, but mine.  And naturally, I extend to others, the exact same courtesy.

Peace & Love,


There is nothing to fear…©

“Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exits. Therein lies the peace of God…”💜

Quite a few years ago, when I first came upon the above quote, I was filled with such Peace; the quote truly resonated with me, right through to the core. Then a short time afterwards I had this dream. In the dream I found myself in a very scary situation. I found myself high up on a cliff, or a tower, and became instantly gripped by the fear that I would fall. In so-called ‘real time’ I have a great fear of heights.

Anyway, in the dream,  as soon as fear gripped me the quote came to mind and fear left me. I looked down from where I was standing into the abyss and thought to myself,  ” Even if I was to fall, I would feel nothing because the only real thing here is me!”

It was quite a revelation, especially the power that this feeling of fearlessness provided me. It also gave me great clarity, and an absolute knowing, without shadows of doubt, that in essence, I am invincible; untouchable by anything in life- even a fall from great heights.

This Empowered Presence & Peace of Mind I was experiencing in the dream then went on to help me face a situation: to face a person instrumental in my childhood and with whom I experienced a lot of fear, being the powerless child that I was back then. My father, a menacing figure most of the time, would oftentimes rage at me and say the most inappropriate and most cruel of things. In the situation in the dream, having regained that power and knowing, I did not fear him any more, and in that fearlessness I was able to speak my truth and take my power back, a power he had stolen from me.

The moral of the story…..”There is nothing to fear.”

It is still a truth and power I am learning and remembering to embody all the more, especially living  in a world such as this that constantly & daily feeds us humongous amounts of fear- as well as the most grandest of illusions…

Keep your Love-Light on and shinning, especially in the darkness of your deepest inner and outside fears 💛

Peace & Love,


P.s. In so- called real time, I did go on to confront my father and hold him  accountable for his actions. I didn’t get the response I would have liked, like “sorry, forgive me.” But I did get some kind of closure, and was enabled to gireve and heal further. And some years later I was in the area where he lived and I felt suddenly moved to write a short note saying I forgave him. I was glad I did, because he died 2 weeks later…

And the thing I grieved when he died, was that, even in his passing, being denied heartfelt grief experienced by those who have given and received each others’ love. So in his life and in his death there was no loving bond that I could grieve for or miss. That’s what was heartbreaking. But that is ok; I made peace with that. I am not – and will never – be bitter, or else I give unconsciousness all the power, and I do not mean to be losing my power again anytime soon!😊

I may not win all my battles, but until I myself leave this earth, I stand firmly with, and in, The Power of Love, whilst basking in The Light of Real & True, Life- Everlasting 💛

For Heaven’s Sake ©

A piece I wrote perhaps 15 years ago. Still celebrating Life at St. Johns.

Heaven on Earth

I once read that if a person’s religion is not helping them to strive to become their more better selves, then that religion is failing. I would add that perhaps that religion is not practising true religion, as I also read someplace that religion means, ‘to bind,’ ‘to yolk,’ ‘to bring back.’

To my mind, to bring back to an early innocence similar to the natural deposition of children, this time as adults, knowing the things we now know; having experienced the things that we have, and in the midst of that, striving to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I believe in that right peace of mind, ‘making one’s self better’ would also most naturally extend out to and include one’s environment and community: one’s inner and outer world.

In the beginning, the bible tells us, the world and human beings were perceived by the lord to be very good; that the lord was well pleased with creation. Needless to say, since then we have moved some way away from that kind of earth and from our better selves, the self most of us are in awe of when a baby makes its way into the world, filled with potential, innocence, and grace.

To me, faith, loving others, loving ourselves, and loving & caring for the earth, goes hand in hand: One earth; One human race, aspiring to become humane, having that inherent life-given potential at hand. As an ancient African philosophy says,

“Whatever happens to the individual, happens to the whole group; whatever happens to the whole group, happens to the individual.”

We are bound to each other, as nature planned it- and had hope that we will figure it out.

I love being & fellow-shipping at my church, St. Johns. I believe that in that place we have, and are getting, this faith, this love of each other, of ourselves, and the outside world, balance just right. We strive to love one another as the lord loves us and has revealed to us how we should love, and we love our earth that grounds, supports, house, and feeds us, just the same.

The earth, like many of us, needs healing and helping hands, so we may recover and make her truly better, coming to enjoy her fruits further and to know what it is to have a piece of heaven right here on earth.

I couldn’t be worshipping and be celebrating Life at a church that wasn’t up to date and in the right relationship with these important things. For me there can be no separation and absolutely no question as to our personal and collective responsibilities in these matters.

St. John, as a church, has mostly worked for me because of the open-minded and open-heartedness of the Priests who have taken up term there; they have truly lived out in thought word & deed the admonishment of  “Come As You Are,” and allows the congregation to hold them accountable toward these ends.

As a saying goes,

“An organisation is only as good as its head.”

If the head ain’t right, nothing works properly, let alone righteously. Just like the heads on our bodies, which follows a similiar order.

Organisations and organisms does best, as well as operate with more unity & harmony- maintaining an inherent homeostasis, when it has a good head on its shoulders. They also work best when the head observes its jurisdiction well, and allow its fellow members to do just as well in the areas they have been gifted with.

According to Plan, Nature & Nurture working hand in hand.

Peace & Love,