There is nothing to fear…©

“Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exits. Therein lies the peace of God…”💜

Quite a few years ago, when I first came upon the above quote, I was filled with such Peace; the quote truly resonated with me, right through to the core. Then a short time afterwards I had this dream. In the dream I found myself in a very scary situation. I found myself high up on a cliff, or a tower, and became instantly gripped by the fear that I would fall. In so-called ‘real time’ I have a great fear of heights.

Anyway, in the dream,  as soon as fear gripped me the quote came to mind and fear left me. I looked down from where I was standing into the abyss and thought to myself,  ” Even if I was to fall, I would feel nothing because the only real thing here is me!”

It was quite a revelation, especially the power that this feeling of fearlessness provided me. It also gave me great clarity, and an absolute knowing, without shadows of doubt, that in essence, I am invincible; untouchable by anything in life- even a fall from great heights.

This Empowered Presence & Peace of Mind I was experiencing in the dream then went on to help me face a situation: to face a person instrumental in my childhood and with whom I experienced a lot of fear, being the powerless child that I was back then. My father, a menacing figure most of the time, would oftentimes rage at me and say the most inappropriate and most cruel of things. In the situation in the dream, having regained that power and knowing, I did not fear him any more, and in that fearlessness I was able to speak my truth and take my power back, a power he had stolen from me.

The moral of the story…..”There is nothing to fear.”

It is still a truth and power I am learning and remembering to embody all the more, especially living  in a world such as this that constantly & daily feeds us humongous amounts of fear- as well as the most grandest of illusions…

Keep your Love-Light on and shinning, especially in the darkness of your deepest inner and outside fears 💛

Peace & Love,


P.s. In so- called real time, I did go on to confront my father and hold him  accountable for his actions. I didn’t get the response I would have liked, like “sorry, forgive me.” But I did get some kind of closure, and was enabled to gireve and heal further. And some years later I was in the area where he lived and I felt suddenly moved to write a short note saying I forgave him. I was glad I did, because he died 2 weeks later…

And the thing I grieved when he died, was that, even in his passing, being denied heartfelt grief experienced by those who have given and received each others’ love. So in his life and in his death there was no loving bond that I could grieve for or miss. That’s what was heartbreaking. But that is ok; I made peace with that. I am not – and will never – be bitter, or else I give unconsciousness all the power, and I do not mean to be losing my power again anytime soon!😊

I may not win all my battles, but until I myself leave this earth, I stand firmly with, and in, The Power of Love, whilst basking in The Light of Real & True, Life- Everlasting 💛

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