Time & I ©

From the beginning of My Time, time and I have had a difficult relationship. For a little while, time was fine, then it became more like the enemy: something needing escaping from; something needing made sweeter of. Time felt very long back then. Then when I came to a certain turning point in my life, time felt like something I could, perhaps, get to know, and use to right wrongs.

Since that time, with time, our relationship- and time together- has been evolving. Now I can, more often than not, enjoy time, no longer seeing it as the enemy as much. Now time feels more precious, that I don’t wish to rush, but savour, every, delicious, second, drop. And with time, I wish to develop a more intimate relationship; I want to learn,  all the more, to be in time, enjoying & appreciating it, not worrying about it running out and/or my wasting it.

Now I feel like I can afford to get lost in time space and let time lift and hold me up. Now it feels like time can – and is- working for me, and I, it. And never again will I use such words as “killing time;” I just want to be with time, and trust in time, and work with time, and overall enjoy my time here, being, more consciously, alive.

And, what I do with, and how I spend My Time, is nobody’s business, but mine.  And naturally, I extend to others, the exact same courtesy.

Peace & Love,


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