Sold out make believe world….©

In life, from childhood we are sold on how important it is that we treat people in a good and respectful way. We are sold on how important lessons are and how far it can get us in life. We are sold how wonderful childhood is. We are sold on how fair and just the world is. Sometimes we are sold on how we have a voice and how important it is for us to use it- I say sometimes because some of us aren’t sold that- we are sold that we shouldn’t be “angry ” (that is passionate) as sometimes our being and expressing ourselves and our truth is deemed quite threatening. We are sold that if we are ‘model citizens’ we will reap the rewards. We are sold that if we ask for help it will be given; then we ask for help and they say you are not quite so destitute yet- and/or wait until the crime/wrong has been committed first! We are sold all manner of things, then go out in the world as adults realising what a load of crap all that was! We are not prepared for the crap- unless we have had a great big dollop of it via child abuse. This world and its institutions/ways of doing things is broken. But I keep keeping on, and I keep listening, instead, to that quiet voice within, moving through this world taking instructions from there, because that place/space is Real and True and has no ulterior motives and does not come from unconsciousness/darkness.

Sometimes you have to holler and call shit out! That’s me done…

Peace & Love,




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