Presence In Absence…©

“In your absence is your presence,” (Jean Klein)

I found the above quote on Facebook this week and it really resonated with me, especially in regard to the challenge of quietening my mind, and giving it/I the Space to recline and take that much needed time out of mind. Sometimes it is genuinely hard cultivating this mindset- this mind-centred-set, if you like. At times I am aware of my choosing to stand in my own way by wanting to seek refuge in my mind in the old ways. I can feel that reluctant part of me wanting to cling to old habits and another part of me wondering if I should intervene, or not, even in light of my wanting more Peace of mind and clarity in thought.

The good news is, in the midst of all this, and my observance of it, there is that potent Creative Space; there is this Pause, this Gap, where one can make life-changing decisions, what with this Space being filled with the rich pickings of possibilities.

Even if in that moment the unconscious wins out, there is this Space Being Created where the light of consciousness is beginning to have more Presence and cover more ground: the beginning of the end of the old ways is at hand. When there is more Presence, there is such Peace & Quiet; like the sun finally breaking through on an initially grey and cloudy day, and the welcomed warmth the sunshine brings, that feels so wonderful on the skin- on one’s very Being.

And out of that clear blue sunny sky come the Awesome Thoughts belonging more to Divine Mind- if you have ever experienced that, and/or believe in such a concept. This is the Place where insights and inspiration seems to come ‘out of the blue/ethereal’ (out of the forever real). I think most of us has had this experience, this reveal-a-tion, at some point in our lives…

Take a moment…have you ever had one of those moments when your mind emptied-out and you heard/felt/saw something new, however fleeting, which could not have made its Presence felt without your being absent-minded in this way? Without your being all-taken-up-in-thought and its mostly repetitive contents…? Creatives/Artists/Survivors-becoming-thrivers  pay particular attention to these moments and attempts to capture and record them, as I am doing here, in my blogging.

Sometimes we are so attached to our thoughts to the extent that we believe every single thing we think, without even thinking to check our thoughts out against reality. Sometimes we are so attached to our thoughts that we don’t let anything new in, or out: we don’t open the curtain of the closed mind and let in a little sunshine.

Most of the great and advancing ideas that have brought amazing things into existence in this world have come out of this absence of being so full of ourselves, the world, and its contents. I believe that some of us are more temperamentally designed to have easier access and privy to this In-Tuition. We can all learn to cultivate and fine tune this Gift, as human beings we have that capacity- dare we give it the attention it needs to develop and grow. Many are called, but few choose to listen…few choose to In-tuit..

For example, some of you are going to totally get what I am trying to say here and others are going to think I am speaking total gobbledygook, and that is okay. Maybe I am-who is truly to say; who can truly have the last word on these things…

All I know is all I know, and all I know, I know through my experiences and the wisdom that has come out of those experiences as I attempt to make good on a deep desire to remain awake, live to potential, and have the best life experience humanly possible. This desire drives my life, which reminds me of the following quote,

 “You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV. 4 .5.

All I know is that, even though a part of me is terrified of creating that Space, and allowing for that kind of self-absence, when I take that Leap of Faith, following the initial aftershocks, there is no denying the Peace, the Bliss, the Sweet Serenity that this kind of emptying-out brings. And in that Space I re-member that the void, the empty, the unknown, is not scary at all; that this kind of emptiness and absence triumphs over the traumatic emptiness that grows out of childhood wounds of significant loss.

In this Space there is deep healing and the kind of comfort & reassurance found in the unconditional loving arms of a mother rocking her frazzled and over tired baby to Sweet Peace, and Dreams: there’s no thing like it.

But, alas it takes time to convince the whole of me- and get the whole of me, on side. It is so compelling and tempting to slip back into unconsciousness, (into ignorance being bliss), especially when I run into old obstacles, like over-extending myself and not taking due rest- that is my Achilles’ heel. I can still inadvertently overwhelm myself by taking on way too much, emotionally and otherwise.

But I am learning and need to have a little more patience with myself- and  with The Process. As Garry Barlow sang, “My heart is numb has no feeling, so while I’m still healing, just try, and have a little Patience.”

I think my next blog will be on Patience and The Process; that is appreciating it and having due reverence toward it. I would love to develop the kind of Patience the Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell, pays homage to in the following text,

“The ancient Masters were profound and subtle.

There wisdom was unfathomable.

There is no way to describe it;

all we can describe is their appearance.


They were careful

as someone crossing an iced-over stream.

Alert as warriors in enemy territory.

Courteous as a guest.

Fluid as melting ice.

Shapable as a block of wood.

Receptive as a valley.

Clear as a glass of water.


Do you have the patience to wait

till you mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving

till the right action arises by itself?


The Master doesn’t seek fulfilment.

Not seeking, not expecting,

she is PRESENT, and can welcome all things.”

This is the kind of Patience I wish to cultivate, and then share with y’all here. Though, now I am In-tuiting from Divine Mind, as I write, that I must set my focus too on the sentiments of the following quote:

  “Success is a journey not a destination,”

I need to continue to harness and learn how to enjoy the Journey, in and of itself, that bit more, if only to ensure Presence does not get lost and RePlaced with living in the future of “when this or that gets better, THEN this or that will happen;” like happiness, fulfilment. Happiness is to be had Now, knowing how wonderfully Benevolent True Life actually Is. The reward is to be discovered Here and Now. The Joy is to be tasted Here and Now. Peace is to be experienced Here and Now. The time is Now.

Peace & Love,


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