When life tries to take over…©

In the midst of these renewed life focuses, a situation I was already managing, took a turn and currently has me, just about, keeping my head above the waters. Another great big life experience, one that I could have well done without, at times has me feeling like, very close to being tipped over this unexpected edge.

This situation is truly testing my resolve and is asking of me to dig even further in, to what already feels like dwindling inner reserves, still in need of built up. And in the midst  of all this, whilst life just ignorantly walks on by, I continue to be called, from a higher source, to self-actualize: to not lose sight of that purposed prize.

I have had this drive and awareness inside  since a child; one that keeps me keeping on and inclining to believe -and cultivate greater faith in, The Good that absolutely rules the world. I am to keep this in mind, and hold it in heart, paying little attention to the myriad ways, everyday, life presents itself. In the face of this new challenge, that assurance Is Still- and all ways- there.

So whilst a part of me wants to sink into despair and lament “why me!” ( and it deserves its feet stomping moments), another side of me whispers, “USE EVERYTHING.” Use everything life throws at me to sink more deeply into this Inner Knowing of The Good and True Essence of Real Life, that moves from the In-side.

So why not me? What makes me so special to be spared visitations from The Difficult?

And so, I roll up my spiritual sleeves and do what I am called from Greater Heights to do, whilst taking  the very best physical and psychological care of myself, that is humanely possible.

Peace & Love,




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