I Accept; I Surrender…©

Surrender & Acceptance, my two Personal Powerhouse Assistants, that I am currently being called to make better use of.

Acceptance, Surrenders’ little brother, is asking of me, for psychological well-being, to allow all that is currently on my plate to simply be there, for however long it needs to be. To take this time in my life, one day at a time- and stretch that out further still when the going get even  more tough.

Troubles can come to feel like unwelcome visitors, overstaying their welcome and being totally indifferent to how incredibly challenged they can make you feel. And sadly I can inadvertently add to my suffering by trying to resist them by ‘overthinking mental gymnastics,’ in the hope of being rid of them.

But alas, we all have our particular crosses to bear on this earth-plane. As some wise soul once said, “The rain rains both on the just and the unjust alike.” And as Existential philosophers and Buddhists have similarly said, there  is suffering in the world- that’s part of the deal of being in existence.

So the most and least we can do is not add to our suffering as doing so prolongs their stay and keeps suffering coming, again and again and again. The most Powerful, Healing and Peace-Inducing thing we can do with trouble is to Accept it, and as the 13th century Persian poet Rumi invites us to do in his poem ‘The Guest House,’ meet our troubles at the door laughing, letting them in. I am not quite at the meeting my troubles at the door ‘laughing’ stage, yet.

Oftentimes hidden deep within our suffering is a gem of divine wisdom, waiting to be received as the joyous gift it is. But since we humans tend to like learning lessons the hard way, trouble has no choice but to keep come a-knocking, and sometimes banging at resistance door.

I used to think Acceptance was- and felt a lot like – defeat. Acceptance felt like giving in and choosing to be the loser. But it is not. There is Power in Acceptance.

There is Power and Peace in Acceptance, and at the heart of it, Simple Sweet Surrender – Acceptance’s Big Brother. In the act of Acceptance the old unyielding me Surrenders to the Authority of Love. And in that risk taking vulnerability, my soul feels reprieved: free to truly live and love and fully be, connected to That Inner Source that sustains the whole, and me.

The way to Surrender is through Acceptance. There is no other route. Also the act of Acceptance increases Trust, Faith and Patience in a Process under its own Influence.

And yes, in actual fact, Acceptance does feel like a defeat and death even- be it more psychological in kind. It is the death/letting go of socially sanctioned old and worn out habits, dying; hard. In Surrender we are saying, “I’m here, take me, as I am, and ought to be; take me in naked transparency. I commend my spirit to You. In You – and You in me- I am strong, incredulously even when I am weak.”

So, don’t get it twisted, Surrendering to Love is a great act of Courage and Inner Strength. Standing up -and falling down- for Love means following Her ‘True & Just’ Ways, righteously balancing out The Scales, and as George Orwell once said- which also applies on the personal plane,

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Crucifying and assassinating the truth -tellers even. Then when they are dead & out of the way, giving them  Honour and Praise. Death, be it physical or psychological, is oftentimes the price that gets paid for living a life that is wholeheartedly right for you. That is why some people do run scared, rather than stand still and face their fears…

Therefore Surrendering to Love and following Love’s Ways, I say once again, is an act of Courage and Strength. It is also humbling and fills one with Grace.

Try Acceptance. Next time something not very pleasing happens to you, don’t fight it- let it be, and let be the associated ‘difficult’ feelings that comes with it. Start small and bear witness to the Peace and Emotional Release that flows from bearing ‘the difficult’ in this more Accepting way.

I have been particularly using the rush hour on the underground to further Strengthen this Practise of Acceptance. Practise makes Perfect. Practise makes good-enough humans, who for the most part, strive to treat others right, as they wish to be treated. Yes, that ancient old golden rule, which from kindergarten we should have already been schooled.

I don’t allow myself to get caught up (i.e. become unconscious) in the dense energy of competitiveness, fighting, pushing, shoving to get on the tube; to get a seat, and basically have things go, ALWAYS, the way that we want. I also Practise releasing the temptation to walk/move at that ‘Armageddon coming’ rat race pace. And if someone pushes in front of me, I let them be.

The egotistical side of me did not at first find doing any of this Practise enjoyable, but the Peace that comes with not allowing one’s self to get caught up in fleeting unpleasant forgettable moments, is undeniable. And at the end of each day I am that little bit less stressed because I have not given as much of my Life Energy, unnecessarily, away.

Oftentimes what serves me as a good reminder on this journey is in that moment when the temptation to engage in power struggles beckons, I ask myself, “Is this random situation worth my Inner Peace? And worth me, through the daily build-up of stress, becoming dis-eased and unwell?” And for me, for the most part, the reply is a resounding “Hell No!”

It is all still very much a work in Process, but like I said, the Growing & Lasting Inside- out Peace & Joy, is definitely more than worth it.

Peace & Love,


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