Back To The Future..©

Back To The Future

“You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

I have been revisiting James Hillman’s works. His ideas truly resonate with my own, and in that sense he feels like my soul brother. Whilst listening on YouTube to his lecture entitled: “Fathering the Boy Inside,” Hillman asserts that therapy should not be solely concerned with the client’s past; he believes this viewpoint to be quite limiting. He also shares that while he is clear and decided on that, it has been an ongoing challenge to not fall under this limiting spell, having been well trained as a therapist within this viewpoint. Hillman argues that more can be achieved, and made whole and complete, if more time, energy and theorising was spent, equally, looking to what calls us to the future- to our personal & collective Future, respectively..

He also argues this point, and took this point of view up in his book ‘We’ve had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world’s getting worse.’ Yes, after a hundred years of psychotherapy and yet conditions like depression and anxiety are at an all time high, cutting across all sections of society..

He uses the analogy of an acorn seed, already containing within the unseen depths of it, the oak tree; similarly, he believes that both personally and collectively, humankind house within the very  depths of its being, our future full blown potential: the ALL of what we might become.  All we need is the right and optimal conditions to bring that possibility forth, making it reality. 

I am absolutely on the same page as Hillman, having given birth to my future self: to the Self and  the Life that as a young child I felt compelled to Imagine and have one day actualised. This was a vision, and  mission, if you like, kept me spiritually and psychologically Alive during very difficult and life-changing times. For the past 32 years, since deciding on this “self-healing, best life- realising” journey, which started off on the back of the end of a toxic relationship and a mental breakdown- which became a Spiritual Break Through, my Self-rediscovery went hand in hand with my heeding the call during my first personal experience of counselling, to become a counsellor myself and share in making a similar reparative difference in other people’s present & future lives.

The personal, as well as preservation of an Inner- Life, is political, especially when an ill- conceived worldview conspires to, and continues to, overlook this, more concerned it is with all things materialistic and technological. An ill-conceived worldview that puts a much lower price on human life than it does on actions that threatens its monetary investments. Let the evidence speaks for itself.. look at the prison terms served (that’s if such cases even gets to court and justice get served) by rapist,  paedophiles,  domestic  violence perpetrators and the like, crimes that  destroys Inner Personal lives, that cuts deep  across  generations, and takes great efforts to recover well-enough from; these crimes against the person gets no due recognition…

Not to mention the backlash which also comes back to bite us/the world/the society in the butt by what seems like senseless and easy taking of human life; the kind that daily grabs attention in the Papers and on the (nothing new) News…Which also hurts the economy by the big bucks it then takes to plaster over and throw peanuts at the problem, without truly looking at the underlying causes…Madness! I mean, it is not rocket science, you can’t solve a problem if you are not facing it…That is the first Saving Grace Golden Rule of Alcohol Anonymous, and the dismantling of all problem behaviours that does not serve us well.

The Personal is Political..

Within my life, and counselling practice, yes, space and time is given to the past and the task of dismantling, sufficiently, ingrained ill-conceived patterns and ideas. And equally, time and space is given to identifying patterns of possibilities in need of more life-giving recognition. Ample time is given helping and supporting the client to move more confidently toward their most compelling vision- however dimly lit that vision is. A vision embedded within the genealogy of him/her past and future life; a vision that calls and cheers us on, secretly knowing the sweet fruits of its labour, laying in waiting, for the taking.

Not everyone working in the field of psychotherapy is working in this “deeply relational, difference making, life- transforming” way; not everyone in the counselling field works at this depth. Not all are able, and/or willing, to act as midwife to Future lives and dreams, rolling up one’s sleeves, and carry out the work of delivery, a works that takes blood, sweat, shit and tears- no less. Not all therapists and sentient beings are working and living in this whole and complete way…

Not all are living and working at the service of creating personal and collective wholeness.  Not all are looking into dreams, desires, aspirations, that touches one’s soul in profound ways. There’s still this “holding to” the skirt tails of being all “separate” and “individual,” preferring that things happen toward  its own means and ends (e.g  Brexit), without due consideration of the reality and importance of Interdependence and the everybody wins prosperous spirit of cooperation….Hence a hundred years of psychotherapy and little deep and lasting paradigm shift and change..

We are Life’s work, Life’s fruits, plucked from Her Tree. We hang on her Tree, along with Her other Off-Springs: animal, minerals, planet earth, the star, moon and other planets. All these divisions, hierarchies and separatist ideas created arbitrarily in “man-made” world, does not serves Us/Real Life well: does not serve REALity at all! 

What we view as reality is this world as it is in its brokenness, which is more like a living hell than anything else. But not even hell can turn around what is to come and must have what it needs and wants. Like the acorn seed and its deeply embedded oak tree, what is to come is already (secretly) secured, as well as absolutely guaranteed..

The reality we have been conditioned to believe we have to “get back to,” is not Real.

So, when Inspiration, from the future, calls “Jump!” I simply ask “How high?” And

I sow, I share, I craft,  I scribe from a whole and happy heart…

…Breathe of Life, By Grand- and Unfathomable- Design..

Peace & Love,


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