Bare with me…

Bearing feelings be like bearing the pain of childbirth..

Joy & Pain comes with being human; comes with change; comes with simply being yourself, especially if, at first, you weren’t allowed to be.

So, as I bear down & take further root into the earth and reach up further into Potential-all in the service of having the best life – experience possible,

I will bear the pain.

I will bear the pain and breathe into it’s reaches, allowing it to pass through me, because from experience- human beings greatest teacher- I have come to know, that is where Joy is.

That is where- as Rumi shared, Love first tasted the lips of being human- right out there on that limb,

where lays Life’s richest experiences…

Where lays Life’s Sweetest fruits…dare we reach for it, let Life kiss our lips, and know the Joy of Being- richly human..

Knowing the secret of Being, Deep In, existence..

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