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Like I said, it was during this conversation that I rather spontaneously disclosed the sexual abuse and it was his reaction, which at the time I had put down to him being concerned for me, that I would eventually remember in a new light, and which made me know that I had to make contact with my Karen. As I was telling him what the ex-family friend had done, he became visibly, as well as increasingly, fidgety and uncomfortable, so much so that by the time I had disclosed everything, all he could do to remain seated on his chair was sit at the very edge of it

…The whole uncomfortable, fidgety initial reaction of his made me now, as I was putting the pieces together, wonder if he indeed had feared at that time that I was about to oust him and take him to task, which also made me additionally wonder if somewhere, outside of conscious awareness, I knew exactly what I was doing then, too. I wondered if, like any good detective, I was and had been slowly, perseveringly and patiently biding my time, all the while gathering evidence. And as some wise soul once said, God Can Heal A Broken Heart, but you need to give God all the pieces.

I contacted Karen…

Peace & Love,


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