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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

…Today I am nothing like I was. I was a very quiet child growing up, for all the reasons shared in this story; I was quiet and shy with an ever ready plastered on smile that hid how I truly felt inside. I became so very quiet I almost successfully made myself invisible. I got so good at being quiet that even when I needed to tell, I couldn’t find the words: they too like me were no-where to be found. I suffered in silence-a godsend to (my) abusers.But the buck stopped with me-and not accidentally, but by choice. By a choice I made when I became a mother, therefore automatically a teacher. Back then I promised myself to make a difference. A promise that continues to date, in whatever ripe for right-doing situation I may find myself.

 It has been words that have saved me; searching for them and sharing them in therapy, through journaling, poems, and writing my life story, hoping one day it will be published. I love words, they help me to have a say-to have MY say. They help me to not be quiet about the things, that left unspoken, like cancer, left untreated, kills. So The Word here is:

 There Is Freedom, Healing and Power In The Tongue- and In Its Expression…

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