Feeling kinda vex…Sooo much time was spent (a good 2 years?) fixing a problem that was not a problem to begin with, and towards the end of it’s nonsense conclusion and stupid Christmas election….all the whilst the coronavirus was beginning to make its presence felt- around December 2019, if not before..

And now the world is now all locked up in theirs home and social responsibility has become the new word, one that had taken a nose dive especially since right-winged politics has gotten back in the drivers seat!! All of a sudden we are to be together as one, when this is how life should be- minorities knows this…

And I am not convinced that after this we will carry this new togetherness through. People still going to fall back unhappily ignorantly asleep. I hope not, but ignorance makes no sense and is very stupid.

Anyhow folks, to those of you already awoke- 👊 more power to you. To those of you woken up enough not to fall back- 👊 more power to you too. To those of us already wide awake, keep sharing the light of Love, Truth, Peace & Joy…

Keep making a difference, and know that is making THE difference #keepingitreal #ignoranceisnotcancelled #stillhavenuffworktodo 💜💜💜


😡 Stay woke folks…

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