Found In Space

There used to be this programme called Lost In Space; Sci-fi I think. But this idea of the opposite- Being Found In Space, works for me as I realise that being lost in time, in the world, has a high price to be paid in out-of-sync ill-health.

I can struggle with Simply Being Present, even when the Space To Be & do so is present. I have to consciously say to myself, “you have space; take it; occupy it, its yours.”

There is also something in The World that discourages us from doing so- from even having “head space” to think for ourselves and make up our own minds about things.

There is also the trauma from my childhood where I fell into the cptsd coping habit of almost making myself invisible: taking up little and/or no space, not wanting to be seen as a nuisance. Feeling I did not deserve to be here, not being made welcomed and taken care of enough to feel and/or be otherwise.

In Real Time, when I come out of this worldly trance and survivor mode, and give myself permission To Be, To Take, I Find myself surprisingly At Home In Space.

I find my One True Self In Space. I find My Right To Be Here In Space. I can Breathe Here In Space; Be Me Here In Space. Though it’s a challenge, it is one I am happy, someplace, To Rise to, as there Is Rest In Space, Peace In Space, Unconditional Love In Space.

Damn! Nothing Really Matters In Space!! Making Space The Place To Be, especially routinely, daily. Especially when recuperating from some major physical, mental, emotional, environmental (e.g covid-19) something.

Love, please help us all to more naturally- and with greater ease, Gift ourselves The Space To Be & Breathe; to Give ourselves Permission To Land and to be truly Found In timeless, Warmly welcoming, Space.

Off to do just that for a bit.

Peace & Love,

Light 💛

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