24 hours With Grace

Gracious Grace, I am finally Allowing to visit today.

I didn’t realise how perfectly Grace Knows,

The Way;

Grace Picked Me Up and swept me away

from all angst and pain; with the paradox being,

I had to Allow Original Pain in to Receive Her.

Grace Amaziness IS…

Yielding, though far from compromising; invisible, yet

Blindingly Present, Everywhere…

Yes, Grace has Great Gifts to Give, and I am, in this time,

Allowing myself to it;

In This Time, Yielding, Releasing, Fore Giving….

Getting out the way so Grace can reach me and show me

how Great Life Truly Is…in its ISness…

How Comforting Grace Is Also!

In Her Presence I want for nothing: NO-THING!

Her Love for Us is Unlimited and is filled with

Impeccable Miraculous-ness.

I plan to keep letting Her in, until

She Is More inside than out,

and I Come to Know what life In The Here

& The Now Is All about…

Peace & Love,


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