An update in regards to my Intention to consciously choose Acceptance & Happiness in my life, day by day, moment to moment…

This last week and a half I have been rediscovering Response – Ability. Let me break that down for you, because for me cultivating this Ability, this Life/Spiritual Skill, has been everything, as well as, The Thing, helping and aiding Acceptance & freeing up Inside-out Lasting, Happiness..

Okay, Response-Ability works with the idea that we are in RELATIONSHIP with & to All that we experience in the world- animate and inanimate; objective and subjective. We live in the Universal Land of Cause & Effect, which makes choosing our Responses a Powerful Act..

Taking back The Power we ordinarily, unconsciously, give out by inadvertently allowing life’s situations to push our emotional energetic buttons, dictating how we feel, is a very big deal. For example, one area I have been applying this to, is when I have to go and do a chore related thing around the house…they are not called chore for nothing: they feel like a chore. But, instead of letting that heavy feeling around it change my mood, I consciously, in the moment, in that millisecond “difference-making” gap, I choose to Respond in a light hearted way, re/aligning myself back to the Peace & Joy I Choose to experience each and everyday.

I keep ReTurning, Back to Love: back to that loving base I wish to Live, Move & Have my Being. Very much like the movement in Meditation…keep Returning, Returning, Returning…to that Sacred Centre.

Or when someone gives me attitude, or is rude, and/or is totally self-absorbed, like when I am out on road and people blindly get in my way, I Choose to choose not to give away that Peaceful State that brightens up my day, that I am trying to maintain. And when I give in here and there, I Swiftly Choose to emotional regulate through Self/Acceptance, and Coming Back Again, in Intention..

And if you tend to be hard on yourself for being human and making what you deem ‘mistake,’ forgive yourself, again & again & again…70 × 70 as a Good Book says. Our greatest teacher is our last mistake, so as long as we are learning, we are doing very well.

Anything now that cost me my Peace is way too expensive: that is anything coming from within myself (my own thoughts, feelings & beliefs) and outside myself (others thoughts, feelings & beliefs).

I know this is hard to do during this time of pandemic, and I myself have been on this Back To Love Road for many years, but if we can Practice this kind of discipline, at this time, the reward will be greater both here and now as well as later on down the years. It would be a Great Gift that keeps on Giving, for generations to come, and in any situation we come upon…and/or that comes upon us.

Like I said, I have been revisiting this kind of Response- Ability this past couple of weeks and in so doing I have been seeing very clearly how much Energy Drains there potentially are in this world as I make my way throughout any given day. Without this mindfulness, without this Awareness I can see and understand how, come by the end of the day, even the end of a year, (and a life), how off my game I can become, not to mention discontent and moody as hell.

So, this is where you find me, 20th January 2021..

Still working towards Having, Realising & Living The Best Life Experience Possible…

This One Life to live, ensuring that it is My Life that I am living…

not one based and framed upon the so called “good opinions” of others.

Peace & Love,


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