Mother, Earth Is Crying..

Learning and daring to Live, More, Simply…Got to simplify.. Earth is hurting…

Earth is paying dearly for our poor choices that cost Her daily; working, mindlessly, against Her….

like we can just eat & eat & eat off of Her, and it won’t deplete Her…And Us.
We take too much and give back little…Us


Signed: Your/Our Life..

P.s..It’s “Wake-up-Now 0 Clock.”

Peace & Love,


In Da Truly Me Flow, Of My Life In Da Sunshine…Everybody Loves Da Sun, Shine..

So, this week I was eavesdropping on my counselling, supervision and coaching sessions with my clients, meaning, I just became so present in that harmoniously unified flowing moment, when the observer becomes the observed, the seer, the scenery; the One The Whole, a real moment of Reverence….

and I saw That, that I Am, pretty bloody Marvelous! Pretty bloody Amazing, in and of myself and in how Skilled and Proficient I am in my work, in how I get The Process & The Work So Beautifully and marvelously across…delivering The Healing in such A Way that truly feeds, deeply & Intrinsially, the souls of the folks I Serve.

I saw how amazing I am as a counsellor, as a person, who is really Gifted in Problem-Solving: in bringing Light into the dark, of the heart of a person, Revealing their One True light to themselves.

Really gifted in seeing and viewing situations from all the angles that is humanly possible, That I have at disposal. I was bloody amazed at myself. It’s like I have turned on the lights in all these moments and areas in my life and am realising who the hell I am!

Yes, sometimes you need to curse, Words Of Praise! I look forward to more of those moments to moments Self-REALisation.

I look forward to expanding my Moment-To-Moment Presence; I look forward to slowing more of my life down and enjoying being truly Present and filled with true Real-Life Appreciation…to put more lights on in the mansion that is my Soul, and at the same time, the Soul of the world. To continue to simplify my life and my time. On Planet Earth We make life so very UnLike ItSelf. It needn’t be the case.

As I was walking down the street today all this came to me, and I thought, I need to write a Blog. I need to blog this HeartSoul- Out….This Heart Song…

Some people might think I am being “full of myself,” even arrogant, but even if that is so, who else I am supposed To Be Full Of (lol!!!)

What it is I am doing and sharing here- read my book Back to Love linked at the end of this blog which charts My Journey, which Shows & Tells My Story of how Early Life Experiences had once pushed me ever so far Out Of Life Picture; what I am doing here is both Witnessing & Re-cognising my Total Life, turn around…

My total life turn around from a direction it easily could have gone down..

This Blog, This Testimony- My Life Story, is nothing bloody short of a Miracle…And you better believe that Life, as it has turned around for me, has not come easy! The challenges- and some challenges continues for the likes of me, continues to push me to Growth, to date…

I Am, ever so proud of myself! Ever So Proud of Denise Marcia James!!

I Am, literally, a bloody Walking, Truth-Talking, Miracle! There’s a song from the 70’s called Walking Miracle by Limmie & The Family Cooking, that oftentimes comes to mind whenever I Reflect upon My Life.

I am very very proud of myself and I Deserve to Fly My Own Flag…to blow My Own Horn! To Celebrate My Life and The Effort I have put in to it…to get fully into get Fully into It…Fully into Me..

The Effort I put into My Relationships- each & every single last one of them, whether they be my relationships with my/children; my clients; my partner, my friends.. As Daughter, Sister, Aunt: I really Show Up. I show up & Give My Best, My Heart, My Whole, My Soul; and Get that Dynamic Interchange back, from people to I give Fully to, Like That..

That’s the wonderful thing, you know, when you Step Forward, WithIn that Self-Reveal Flow; when you LIVE Your Dream, Speak Your Truth- and Are Your Truth, It’s Amazing…and A Double Blessing when That Light Frees & Ignites Up other’s Self-confidence, giving them much-needed permission, within relationships, To Do & Be, Likewise!

That is The Magic that bloody happens in REALationships….that’s what bloody happens when you live your truth, when you be who you truly are, and in so doing and being, Flow With The Beauty Of ‘All Life Is’…far from what It is not…Life Imagined, Fashioned Out Of Love…

So Good To Be…and Come, Home…To Me🤗

Peace & Love, Every Single & Whole Body..


I do not own the rights to Mary J Blige’s My Life track below..