Here & Now Time Stealers

Now that my moment to moment Presence in my life is more realised, I truly get the notion that my anxiety and tendency towards worry steals time from my 24 hour Today.

Anxiety and worry is all about the future, a time we can not visit in the Now of living. We are all equal on that footing. No human being can live in tomorrow; no human is given more, or less, 24 hours a day. Sit with that…

So anxiety and its close cousin worry are nothing but time/Now stealers. As simple as that…

Whether that anxiety is more trauma- originating coping strategy, and worry a natural born tendency- and/or a social conditioning, one that proves how caring we are by worrying about our loved ones…

whichever, they both mount to a waste of Here & Now time; all mounts to a constant leaking away of the equally- given 24 hours a day…

Anxiety and worry is only useful if living in the moment- in the Here & Now, is painful. That was the condition that made anxiety and worry come visit me…

Now, I am learning to release them both, especially as the pain is no more, and my Now is actually filled mostly with Peace and Joy.

So anxiety and worry I continue to let you go. Yes, over the years I became quite dependent on yous: Yous became my “better the devil you know,” but today I am being reminded that I can now turn mistrust into trust;

that I can allow The Process to do its thing…that I can allow the high regard I Now have for myself to fertilise & make sound the ground I am today walking on; releasing & freeing feelings of safety and trust in this Now time of my life.

So, no more wasting my time. It’s just that time, Now.🤗

Peace & Love,


To The Max

Living Life to the fullest, however I find myself, means, at this time, fully embracing existential angst & trauma triggers.

That reminder helped me just now to feel, even at a low, that Life remains good, and needs no fixing- just embracing & accepting, knowing Life has its seasons..

So I don’t have to Positive away my blues today. This too shall pass, so gotta ride this emotional storm out, and trust Daybreak – in Her Clarifying Steadfastness, to bring me back to Bliss..

The Ground on which my one true Spirit lives…in its Naturalness…So, I hold to This, as an infant in need of nourishment holds to its mother’s breast, hoping to be fed, on its way to rest…

One of my favourite quote says, “A heart that has learned to trust can be at rest in the world.”

Past trauma/triggers can have you, for mere survival (back then), believing this world cannot be trusted, so it’s best not to relax and let your guard down..

Turning mistrust around has been some kinda Journey; nevertheless, a Journey I remain on, and remain 💯 committed to. Love help/s me..

Peace & Love,