Here & Now Time Stealers

Now that my moment to moment Presence in my life is more realised, I truly get the notion that my anxiety and tendency towards worry steals time from my 24 hour Today.

Anxiety and worry is all about the future, a time we can not visit in the Now of living. We are all equal on that footing. No human being can live in tomorrow; no human is given more, or less, 24 hours a day. Sit with that…

So anxiety and its close cousin worry are nothing but time/Now stealers. As simple as that…

Whether that anxiety is more trauma- originating coping strategy, and worry a natural born tendency- and/or a social conditioning, one that proves how caring we are by worrying about our loved ones…

whichever, they both mount to a waste of Here & Now time; all mounts to a constant leaking away of the equally- given 24 hours a day…

Anxiety and worry is only useful if living in the moment- in the Here & Now, is painful. That was the condition that made anxiety and worry come visit me…

Now, I am learning to release them both, especially as the pain is no more, and my Now is actually filled mostly with Peace and Joy.

So anxiety and worry I continue to let you go. Yes, over the years I became quite dependent on yous: Yous became my “better the devil you know,” but today I am being reminded that I can now turn mistrust into trust;

that I can allow The Process to do its thing…that I can allow the high regard I Now have for myself to fertilise & make sound the ground I am today walking on; releasing & freeing feelings of safety and trust in this Now time of my life.

So, no more wasting my time. It’s just that time, Now.🤗

Peace & Love,


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