On Being with In..

I am rediscoverINg

Sweet Serenity with In.

Rediscovering the beauty Is with In;

That All That Is- and Is truly

nourishing & good- Comes out of In;

Comes from Being With In and learning to take the Whole Experience in.

There’s no thing like In!

Getting to more intimately know In, and The All In has to give, Is amazing!

Amazing as Grace, her beautiful face and her awesome Ways.

So glorious an insperience with In, that you have to take your time: take your time & take One tiny mighty transformational bite size.

And you’ve got to give that bite to bite space and time to transmutate & Inside-out Actualize.

So Here you find me, increasingly making Peace with In,

a Peace that, like me, truly,

has been a long time coming.

Better late than never, I say.

Peace & Love,