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"When Love first tasted the lips of being human, it started to sing." Rumi. This Song, this Blog, is My voice, and My truth. A First Generation Black British Woman's Truth...The Tune of which, I Joyously Dance to.... It is my belief that as a species we are called to Rise Up and Realise ourselves as the Humane Beings we are made to be...The Ones that, In The Beginning, Love was so totally smitten with, Knowing Full Well Our Essence & Potential. My Invitation to you here on the blog is for us to get together in greater numbers and dare to live the life imagined ...and Rejoin the UniVerse in Peace & Love Song & Dance... Please sign up to receive New Blog Posts, as well as like, comment & share. Website: https://innersideout.net Email- andstillirise9@outlook.com Telephone: 07504 891 108 First time Published Author of Back To Love.... Available to buy at Amazon on Preorder... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Back-Love-Denise-James/dp/1913479552/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=denise+james+back+to+love&qid=1604320094&sr=8-2 Peace & love, Light💛

Our Day In The Sun..

A quick shout out…

I think the Black Lives Matters Too, should be a slogan/statement left for this movement alone. I’ve been noticing others starting to use it on others issues too…as a black person I find that annoying. Let us just have that one thing/bandwagon for ourselves, please. As a people we need to come more together and “community up,” which we are now starting to do in greater numbers, especially in regards to supporting black businesses and seriously thinking about where we spend our cash. All other peoples have their businesses, community and loyalties….so I say again, leave us the BLM TOO for us solely to use…Give us that moment: It’s been a VERY LONG TIME COMING..

Peace & Love,


Quotes from Back2Love..

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Frederick Douglas…

Yes it is easier, but it is not impossible to turn our lives around and drive it in a direction more of our choosing, as my story bares testimony to. I am here, and my Life Purpose is to share the Good News that, with self/love, all things are indeed possible!

Peace & Love,


Happy Father’s Day..

For Real…It makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE, in their lives, and in their adult lives in this world. Childhood is The Preparation; we need to get this people. Children aren’t born racist, sexist, homophobic, rapist…

Children do as we do, not so much what we say…The Doing cements; The Talk without The Act, confuses & mis-creates..

As well as striving to be the model, the example, that our children need, especially if we truly want them to grow into mostly happy, wholesome, contributing & conscientious members of community and society, we also need to keep an eye on the people we choose to be in our lives, and hang around: those people are teaching them right and wrong also..

Nuff said; not rocket science; simple mathematics..

Peace & Love,


Quotes from Back2Love..

During this time I decided to lock my hair; one day I just had the thought that no matter high up the ladder I got, I would never want to sacrifice or compromise my cultural and racial identity. Whatever group I was going to end up being a part of in the future, I still wanted to be proud and feel very much involved in my African and Caribbean heritage. Basically, I wasn’t going to ‘sell out’ in order to fit in anywhere I may later find myself..

Peace & Love,


Life Moves, In Mysterious, Benevolent, Ways

The Lord Moves…some would say; or- it is not only bad things around the corner waiting for us. Life/Nature has a way of bringing us mostly what we need, whether we want it or not; whether we think we need those things or not. We are less in control than we think, and I have learned that this is OK. My experiences have taught me this, and taught me how important it is to Trust, have Faith, and keep Hope Alight & Alive.

Our Experiences are our Greatest Teachers; we learn-not from our Experiences at our Personal & Collective peril.

Peace & Love,


The Necessary Pain of Change..

This applies in our personal as well as collective lives, as a people, and as a species. Oftentimes people want change without changing themselves or their lives in any way and experiencing the discomfort that change initially for a time brings…But that is how change works and all life is subject to change. We are not just here to sunbathe & be comfortable….We are here to Grow & Evolve. We Are Life In Human Form. Humane-Up 💚💚💚

Humane-Up, I Say, Again..

I am reading a book and it says this about the power of both action and inaction…arguing that they both go on to have their individual impact….I quote from the book,

“Remember this axiom: ‘All that it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. ‘ Hitler brought massive destruction into the world because, for a time, millions of individuals did nothing to stop him. Finally, masses of righteous men and women became so outraged that they fought back and created more destruction in order to stop Hitler. It had to be done, but the truly sad thing is that the situation need not have existed in the first place…”

If people had acted…sooner…

This is where we are with this ongoing historical, racial trauma of black folks…

This is where we are with that orange president in the USA that is “being allowed ” to say, do, and get away with all sorts of unforgivable and highly questionable things…

Humane-up people. We are all in this world together…No one group can be happy in the world if it is at the expense of another group of individuals….

All humankind are created equal…Nuff said..

Peace & Love,


Quotes from Back2Love..

I didn’t want Jamie to have the experience of that kind of mother, an outcome which for me would have been the ultimate nightmare. Besides, that wasn’t the promise I had made to him or to us. His being in the world was meant to be a second chance, and so one grey and cold October morning, after awakening out of another series of bad dreams following another night of binge eating, I decided to make an appointment to see my GP

Peace & Love,



I wrote this poem in 2004 and it was born out of my feelings of desperation about the black on black crime that was also rampant at that time. This poem came to mind for a re-post today….especially the line I wrote about “Vision being restored.” Vision Being Restored in the current climate, with the true enemy working against progress and a wholesome society, being more clearly defined…Malignant Racism: racism being very much alive & kicking, and choking the life out of black people. All our efforts must be directed at this true source and the change needed there, across the institutional board. Racism, like the coronavirus, hurts US ALL- though for some, death rates are much higher…#BLM (Black Lives Matter) #BMHM (Black Mental Health Matters)


Back in The Day we lived large, 
played hard-unconditionally loved
by the Great Mother; self-loving in Her Nature.

Then it came to pass,
a mean spirited, player hating, cold chill farce
held Her Sons to ransom; claimed Her, then raped Her.

Now Her sweet Sons don’t shine like before,
their throats are sore, from the pressure she applied
to hold them back, until such time
Vision was restored.

And as time passes by, memory fades;
whilst some of Her Sons still re-members
The Day, others buckle under the mental health strain;

Some becoming more like Gangcesters,
dis-membering, everything, both big and small
that resembles themselves at all.

But Her Love is Pure, She both under and over stands
that the rage like fire burns strong
and is still in need of being undone,

So Her offspring’s may sing
a more reparative redemption song
and like Eagles fly East-Homeward bound;
forward out of this, Babylon.

And then, The Right Time Come,
and the Grand Mother bawl-‘Fire a ga bun!
Go get ‘em Son! Regain your rightful positions!’

And with nuff love ina dem Hearts,
Her Truth upon their Tongues, their Quest?
To cut away all falsehoods from this-
Her kingdom.

So, “Fret not yourself my brothers,”

The Mother Loves us ever so much,
and as a Matter of Cause, is oh so Desirous of us
to find the Will to Live and Love.

So Remember, as it was in the beginning
So we shall be in the end; Her Sons shining,
like the Phoenix Forever Raising-
Again and Again and Again.

And So Shall It Be,


Denise Marcia James, aka Insperience, 2004

Peace & Love,

Life 🖤💛🖤