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In the next coming weeks, I will be sharing Excerpts from my new book,

Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto For RE-Connecting To Love, RE-Newing Your Mind, and Radiating your Light. This is book two in the Back to love series..

Available to purchase at Amazon and other big and smaller book selling outlets. Google my name Denise James for more information about my books and practice as a Psychotherapist.

Here is the first instalment taken from the introduction: just a piece, not the whole piece. Enjoy! And remember to buy!!

…Having RE-turned from the wreckage of my personal &
collective past, arriving at my more psychologically,
racially, spiritually liberated Self, I believe my purpose on
this earth plane is to be a Light-Giver and Bearer, offering
in the sharing of my Inner-sight, pearls of wisdom: lessons
learned from The Great Wisdom School of Learning from
Experience to Progress and Move Forward.

Like the Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Maat, I bring my
heart to bear and weigh against the light of my most deep
and true inner-outer life experience, coming from my
Soul’s unique perspective. I own these Inner Life RE flections.
I own them totally and soulfully, knowing that how I
see, we see, “the world” is “filtered through our own individual
experiences: one REALity many people to experience
it, in unique diversity. Out of One, many.

The Critical Psychological and Philosophical Analysis INSights/
Her Says (Essays) shared here are raw, real, relevant
and contemporary, “filled with the wisdom gained from
knowing myself deeply, from this learning and RE-turning,
and learning and RE-turning some more. Some of the
Essays/Her Says shared here are memoir-like, some teachings,
some poetry. All very human and applicable to the
human (felt) experience and condition. The Personal is
universal as well as political.

I truly believe, as human beings, we have that something
inside so strong, that InnerLight In-Sight, that can help us
overcome almost anything and everything in this life,
whilst holding steadfast to an unwavering love for humanity,
in all its light forms.

This collection, and petition of and for opening more to
Inner Life, are on subjects very close to my heart and the
Heart and Soul of my healing, RE-Newal and RE-turn.
Subject matters which us humans struggle & grapple with,
which have reached fever pitch in the world again today.

Yet, a critical mass has been building, especially of the
back of the 2020 Pandemic that was, still is, and still has
us reeling from, Covid. Michael Meade in his book,
‘Awakening the Soul’, sums up most beautifully this RE-Newing
way of being & experiencing the world more lit
and awake when he said,

In the course of Life, we must awaken to a
greater Sense of Self or else become more
isolated, divided and subject to increasing
anxieties and feelings of helplessness and
despair. The most common reason for despair
and alienation comes from not being who we
truly are at the Core of Our Souls. The human
Soul, by its very nature, is ancient and

Peace & Love,

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Peace & Love,


The Word

I don’t abuse Words,
or misuse Words; I use Words to
show and tell the truth of my being
and feelings- my Words are revealing,
sacred even, because in the beginning there was,
The Word.

And now, the pleasure it brings,
and how my soul sings to share
meaningful Holy Communication with you-
another who is true and uses Word Power to
inspire righteous truth.

So, let’s get down to some good conversating
and together incarnate The Spaces wherein
our Words rings true, and reawakens
the innermost recess of you, me, us, we,
and in our resurrected rediscovery let’s create
anew, by speaking affirmative Words into,

the Deeds we do, the Words we use,
the Thoughts that are pure, and all the more
re-presents you, fore as a people and a species
we have Nuff Work to do.

Peace & Love,


Sweet Alchemy

#livingthelifeimagined #tribevibes#fringedwellers

Greetings One & All. A while ago I created a Secret Facebook Group for Black Men & Women Inspiring Creators…for Dream-makers, for fringe dwellers, for the natural empaths, the sensitives; for those of us with a dream & no positive “cheering sections” in our lives to help hold that Dream, and bring it to fruition. Here is the invite, if you would like to join this Pack, Your Pack, and get the support Inspiration & encouragemnet needed to make dreams a reality, and live your best Life Experience Possible. I am developing this Safe Space slowly but surely…I am a Great Believer that Good & Great things happens organically, intuitively- never forcefully. Email me if you are interested in joining this  Creative Alchemical Space.

Peace & Love,


A Labour Of Love..

Back to Love, (also known- experientially, as Black to Love).

“You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck!” Rumi
Back2lLove: Transformational, Inspirational & Beautifully told with Soul, Full of Heart..

Covid-19 spelling the above out very clearly & poignantly at this unprecedented time…


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Peace & Love,

Denise James- aka, Light..💛

Black history for life…

Black history, like a pet, is not just for October, it’s for life, and more importantly, for the National Curriculum. One of the main purposes of History – Personal & Collective – is to look back to learn; to look back to Evolve, Progress & Grow…NOT TO glorify & justify atrocious inhumane decisions and violence. Not to mis-educate & perpetrate propaganda…And we wonder about the state of the world!? The state of our Personal & Collective…This is not rocket science, just simple mathematics.

More Power To The Truth and its Prevailing 🖤🔥🖤

Peace & Love,

Light 🔥