Follow-Through ©

Integrity, a word and its meaning,

that has been lost to the world:

No Follow Through at any level.


Everyone saying what is expected, and right;

not enough people meaning what they’ve said,

but are expert at convincing themselves, otherwise.


An old sage once said that-

“An Integral being knows without going,

sees without looking,

and accomplishes without doing.” Lao Tzu.

Think about this people…


Follow Through.

It is not enough to mouth things and think that is it;

someone who has integrity can be counted on to be,

consistently, their One True Self-

no matter what circumstances they find themselves;

Integrity flows through.


I have yet to find that in romantic relationships,

and at the level of government, and schools-

and other key institutions where Integrity remains

consistently missing; yet, its civilians

are expected to model what it has not been given;



But I will all- ways be who I say I am;

I will always be congruent, because I love

the peace of mind that follows being and living true.


And my knowing without going and looking for external validation,

is as true today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.


My seeing without looking needs no further researching,

as all has been done and said in so many different ways.


And my accomplishing without doing

comes from being totally unified from inside

that I and my life just flows and shines.


My God and My Soul are One, and the I

that physically lives in the world, merely takes dictation,

from a well spring that is at heart benevolent,

and is at all times, Relevant.


There is at all times, a Reveal-a-tion that flows

so I may continue to grow, and be a living testimony  of Integrity,

living its most Precious Dreams, made Real-a-lity.


And Satisfaction? Absolutely guaranteed.

There is no other Self I’d rather be, than me.


Peace & Love,


Inspired, In-Spirit..©

There is nothing like a jog in the park, some warm sunshine, and some sweet SOUL music- Charlie Wilson & T.I “I’m Blessed,” to set Inspiration on flight and creative juices to overflowing….I’m Blessed, Yes! I’m Blessed!!!


Taking The Bend..

Taking The Bend, not on the road, but by Sea,

Captain of my Crew, taking me

in Renewed directions,

to The Land of Dreams.

All on Deck Denise-

book to publish, old wounds turned

to Wondrous Joy; Peace of Mind;

Happiness of Heart; Inspiration flying high.

Sending up through no longer remorse code,

New & Clear Messages, no more divisiveness-

We’ve Got This!

Time to Step Up onto dry land, to finally find footing

now that I can discern fact from fiction,

with no inside-out friction:

this mission has been quite something!

Coming Home Now,

Back to Self,  Back to Love, Back to God-

The Milk & Honey Land I have long dreamed of!

Here I am; finally taken, Just As I Am,

Standing in my Truth; bearing Precious Fruits…

Captain & Crew,

Nothing but Smooth Sailing.


Peace & Love,



Lady Sings The Blues…©



The Blues ain’t nothing But The Sun trying to Shine…


Feeling down, way down low,

not knowing where to turn,

or how to go.


Black and Blue-lonely too,

feeling like such a fool,

all grown, and never schooled

in matters of my Heart.


Longing to get high-

so high; to supply i and I

with the right wings I need to fly

and escape this limited existence

of estranged coincidence.


Hungering for attention,

a mirror, a real reflection-

in desperate need of affection;

a small dose will do-

just enough to see me through.


Oh! The absence of another’s presence,

the history and pure agony of it

leaves an aching, a waiting, a wanting

in my soul, that refuses to be filled

with just-anything.


It is time to be still, this I know,

a difficult pill to swallow,

when Ego wants to Go! Go! Go!

and give into the temptation

to persist in self-abnegation.


Defiant, defensive,

terrified of caving in,

freezes out tender feelings,

a battle ensues within.


Energy drains;

feels like I’m going insane

as I surrender to ancient fears and pains,

realising that they too are me, dying

to be acknowledged, and set free.


Enlightened, revelation dawns

forbidding, foreboding, clouds and storms;

reassuring vulnerabilities-

wizening out ambiguities, lets,


“And Still I Rise”

fresh air in.


A New Day arrives,

as rainbow coloured tears cry,

clearing grey skies,

gives way to golden rays

of sunshine, that throws my Soul

out, before me-Self-realised.


To this present, time

is where you find me

standing on the other side, Real Eyes In

That the Blues, the Blues ain’t nothing

But the Sun trying to Shine.


So maybe next time round,

when I am feeling upside down,

I will remember to let go, let God and pray-

and move my sweet behind

out of harm’s way!

Insperience, 2001



I am; not the contents…©


Secret Centres

In the spring

there is winter,


In the day-light

there is night-time,

patiently awaiting.

In my low and high drives

there is, at all times, the Inner Me,

secretly marvelling in,

each and every

moment of Being

in existence!


Insperience, 2004


Don’t let the struggle become our identity. We are more than what ‘happens’ to us; more than what people think of us, and more than we have come to believe we are. We are basically very good to the core, given a real and true shot at life..

Peace & Love,







God Blessed The Child ©

A poem:

The Child Within, a gift therein,

has been since The Beginning of our time-

before you, we, us became an I.

The Child’s Eyes Sees far and wide-

if you Let It Be your guide, it’s wise sunshine

will make you smile.

For The Child is both old and young,

a true champion that can make you Feel, instantly

revitalised and undone.

So if Your Child Inside lies wounded, denied, buried

in a shame that binds, heal its pain and regain re-cognition

through its Wonder- Filled Fountain of Youth-

Patiently awaiting You.

For you cannot enter into Self-Love’s glorious kingdom

until You first Come To Be as little children…

That is why deh mans dem so vex,

that A Gift so Heaven Sent, weren’t taught

to love and respect itself,

and as some wise soul once said,

“Hate yourself in the morning of your life

and by noon time, you’ll be hating everyone else.”

So, who God Bless, let no man curse-

and God Most Definitely Blessed, The Child,

so let us learn to Do and Be, Likewise.

Insperience, 2004

Peace & Love,


Sweet, but Street…©


She is a Child of Love,  a Street, but Sweet kind of Love-a Free Kind of Love that’s Real kind of Love.

Bathed in Positivity, She Is, because We Are, Her Beloved Children-and Her Mission? To Preserve All Her Precious Creations.

The Breath and Depth of Her Love, Informs the Heart of her Craft, of Fleshing out the bones, of the Mind Body & Soul, of all Her Mis-guided Relations.

Her Truth and Right Justice IS, exactly the same, and like Good Music, When it hits you, You Feel No Pain.

But don’t get confused thinking you can play Her Love for fool, for although She’s Sweet, She’s also Street, and Her Bittersweet Golden Rule?

“Who don’t Hear Must Feel.”

So treat Her Right, She’s your Queen, and Her Love Reigns Supreme.

Now, take Her hands, and let Her Take You to Your Sweet but Street, Life-longed for, Dreams…

Peace & Love,



Back In The Day…©

I have been revisiting the poems I wrote 14 years or so ago, of which I also used to perform on the poetry circuit in the late 90’s and early 20’s. Black on black crime was very much alive and kicking then. I would like to share one of those poems with you all. This poem came to mind this evening, brought into consciousness by these inner city youth cries; these Inner City Blues, if you like…Here goes,


Back in The Day we lived large, 
played hard-unconditionally loved
by the Great Mother; self-loving in Her Nature.

Then it came to pass,
a mean spirited, player hating, cold chill farce
held Her Sons to ransom; claimed Her, then raped Her.

Now Her sweet Sons don’t shine like before,
their throats are sore, from the pressure she applied
to hold them back, until such time
Vision was restored.

And as time passes by, memory fades;
whilst some of Her Sons still re-members
The Day, others buckle under the mental health strain;

Some becoming more like Gangcesters,
dis-membering, everything, both big and small
that resembles themselves at all.

But Her Love is Pure, She both under and over stands
that the rage like fire burns strong
and is still in need of being undone,

So Her offspring’s may sing
a more reparative redemption song
and like Eagles fly East-Homeward bound;
forward out of this, Babylon.

And then, The Right Time Come,
and the Grand Mother bawl-‘Fire a ga bun!
Go get ‘em Son! Regain your rightful positions!’

And with nuff love ina dem Hearts,
Her Truth upon their Tongues, their Quest?
To cut away all falsehoods from this-
Her kingdom.

So, “Fret not yourself my brothers” (sing)

The Mother Loves us ever so much,
and as a Matter of Cause, is oh so Desirous of us
to find the Will to Live and Love.

So Remember, as it was in the beginning
So we shall be in the end; Her Sons shining,
like the phoenix Forever Raising-
again and again and again.


Denise Marcia James, aka Insperience, 2004