Humane-Up, I Say, Again..

I am reading a book and it says this about the power of both action and inaction…arguing that they both go on to have their individual impact….I quote from the book,

“Remember this axiom: ‘All that it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. ‘ Hitler brought massive destruction into the world because, for a time, millions of individuals did nothing to stop him. Finally, masses of righteous men and women became so outraged that they fought back and created more destruction in order to stop Hitler. It had to be done, but the truly sad thing is that the situation need not have existed in the first place…”

If people had acted…sooner…

This is where we are with this ongoing historical, racial trauma of black folks…

This is where we are with that orange president in the USA that is “being allowed ” to say, do, and get away with all sorts of unforgivable and highly questionable things…

Humane-up people. We are all in this world together…No one group can be happy in the world if it is at the expense of another group of individuals….

All humankind are created equal…Nuff said..

Peace & Love,



what follows is a response (with slight adjustments) I made on Facebook today on a Birmingham news feed from a discussion by some members of the black community in reaction to another young black man losing his life in this continuing youth violence epidemic:

“Such a complex issue requiring to be dealt with in its complexity. Knives don’t jump up and kill people- people kill people. Very sad crisis situation in our communities,  which has been a long time in the making. We must keep the hope and faith alive nonetheless, and contain our outrage, as such emotion running rampant making rash decisions and  passing judgement is inadvertently more destructive than constructive.

Also, each death tells its own particular story so we must resist the temptation to  use the “knife crime” label from painting its brush totally across the board. And remember the media operates on the  sensational tip, first and foremost. It’s  not interested in solving problems, just selling lots of papers.

I was thinking months back that, general, in regards to all/certain crimes it would be good to have a programme maybe called “After the News” that writes and reports on the beginning middle and end of a story we so are better informed and get to better understand the issues at hand and out of that understanding come up with solutions/responses that clean the root of the problem and bring to it more lasting & impacting change. For example, domestic violence homicides is ALWAYS in the news- up to two women ‘s bodies being found in the freezer recently, but it is not reported as domestic violence, so easily gets swept under the “too close to home, sweep that under the carpet” rug.

The world and its systems and institutions are broken,  much of what goes on today is a product of that. We live in a world that wants change without changing anything about itself. There is something malignant in the world that works against real & lasting change because that may mean being put ‘out of pocket’ and ‘privilege.’ ….Didn’t intend to share all this here but we must keep in mind a much bigger picture when coming at big issues. Peace and love you all💜”

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Back In The Day…©

I have been revisiting the poems I wrote 14 years or so ago, of which I also used to perform on the poetry circuit in the late 90’s and early 20’s. Black on black crime was very much alive and kicking then. I would like to share one of those poems with you all. This poem came to mind this evening, brought into consciousness by these inner city youth cries; these Inner City Blues, if you like…Here goes,


Back in The Day we lived large, 
played hard-unconditionally loved
by the Great Mother; self-loving in Her Nature.

Then it came to pass,
a mean spirited, player hating, cold chill farce
held Her Sons to ransom; claimed Her, then raped Her.

Now Her sweet Sons don’t shine like before,
their throats are sore, from the pressure she applied
to hold them back, until such time
Vision was restored.

And as time passes by, memory fades;
whilst some of Her Sons still re-members
The Day, others buckle under the mental health strain;

Some becoming more like Gangcesters,
dis-membering, everything, both big and small
that resembles themselves at all.

But Her Love is Pure, She both under and over stands
that the rage like fire burns strong
and is still in need of being undone,

So Her offspring’s may sing
a more reparative redemption song
and like Eagles fly East-Homeward bound;
forward out of this, Babylon.

And then, The Right Time Come,
and the Grand Mother bawl-‘Fire a ga bun!
Go get ‘em Son! Regain your rightful positions!’

And with nuff love ina dem Hearts,
Her Truth upon their Tongues, their Quest?
To cut away all falsehoods from this-
Her kingdom.

So, “Fret not yourself my brothers” (sing)

The Mother Loves us ever so much,
and as a Matter of Cause, is oh so Desirous of us
to find the Will to Live and Love.

So Remember, as it was in the beginning
So we shall be in the end; Her Sons shining,
like the phoenix Forever Raising-
again and again and again.


Denise Marcia James, aka Insperience, 2004







Inner City Blues…Make me wanna holler..©

Holler! The following is a Post I wrote on Facebook (and expanded on here that bit further) following this weeks’s-and year-spate in black on back knife and gun crime. At the time of writing this (07/04/2018) there have been 55 causalities:

An analogy: So, say you have a disease like cancer and the doctors’ try to heal it by keep giving you operations on your arm, where there is absolutely no cancer…Or the doctors’ tries to treat it by giving you lots of pain killers and sending you away, free of charge, on the most lovely of holidays. Will the person recover from the cancer? A cancer that is already at a life threatening stage? Would they? You will agree with me that for the cancer to stand a good chance of being cured the doctor’s would have to go to the root of the cancer and work on it from there, and then they can give the pain killers and holidays etc as other aspects of the treatment; you may call these measures preventative-i.e. working toward keeping the cancer in remission. Other preventive and recovery measures may include life style changes. You still with me? Ok, THE SAME THING APPLIES TO THE INCREASE IN KNIFE AND GUN CRIMES AND THE YOUTHS DYING WAY BEFORE THEIR TIME. It is hardly rocket science!

Measures to resolve this ongoing crisis have to come from all different angles as well as be about working to identify, clearly name, and get at the root causes of this issue first becoming epidemic. This problem of neglecting to start from there- from the root cause- is a thing that is generally missing and extremely wide spread in this broken world. The world and its people find it hard to look directly at root causes, take them seriously, and ACT. Politicians for example are experts at evading the issues and playing ‘point the finger and cast aspersions’ game. EXPERT. And somehow we expect the youths, who looks to us from the very moment they come out of the womb into this ready made world, to behave differently! Madness!

As the following quote says: ” It is not when mankind will learn, but WHEN mankind will ACT on what it already knows.

History repeats, personally, collectively, across generations and globally because we have not learned what we need to learn. To me that should be the point of History lessons in schools- to learn from the past mistakes of the previous generations. When it comes to what the root causes are all those pieces of research have already been done and sits gathering dust not being picked up enough, especially at the level of government. This world is crying out for change; for change in the old ways of seeing and dealing with things/issues. This world is screaming out for a paradigm shift that righteously overthrows the old order that never truly worked for every-man, just a privileged few, who historically have worked feverishly hard and fought tirelessly to keep its ‘one dimensional, shortsighted, greed-infested systems and structures’ wheels turning and very much in place. Makes me wanna holler and throw up both my hands…as Marvin Gaye sang in his very poignant-and still currently relevant, ‘What’s Going On’ album.

The word Government has GOVERN in it, and as Daniel Goleman points out in his book Emotional Intelligence,

” Leadership is not domination. It’s the art of persuading people to work toward a common goal.”

This is the paradigm shift needed; this is the new mindset needed, one that ensures, wherever possible, everyone wins. There cannot be peace and true prosperity on earth until this new order reigns supreme – as supreme as this outdated and worn out current world dis-order does.

And the word Discipline comes from the word Disciple…meaning TO TEACH, not solely to beat. So going back to beating children and causing them to fear us as parents is not the answer either, and indeed people who solely relay on this kind of discipline and pedagogy, is very much part of the problem of inner city violence. Young people need firm and fair discipline, boundaries and displays of kindness; they need the adults in their charge to model the behaviour they expect the children to pick up. Children learn mostly from what adults do, not from what they say. We need to walk the talk as people in charge and in governance of the young. We need to model to them what authentic leadership looks like. Expecting children to embody qualities that we ourselves lack as caregivers, teachers, politicians and the like, is absolutely ludicrous. That is like expecting a child, and/or an adult for that matter, to know how to do algebra without ever being taught and/or shown how. Madness!!

Just had to shout out my way of looking at and understanding this crisis; just very simple food for much needed thought.

And let us remember to keep the faith and lift hope up high, as we need that Light to fight the dark in these very troubled and dis-eased times, as well as keep hope and faith alive when universal law forcibly carries us, kicking and screaming, into a new and more humane social order. As Malcolm X said, as he himself was opening to this new shift in perspective and therefore consciousness within himself, which I believe was the thing that brought about his demise:

“No man truly understands until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.”

So as I sign off, I leave you with the link to Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues, that has been playing in my mind since I begun to ponder on this subject and write this piece-

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – YouTube 


Peace & Love,


A Cry for the little black boy ©

Who Will Cry for the Little Boy

– by Antwone Fisher

Who will cry for the little boy?
Lost and all alone.
Who will cry for the little boy?
Abandoned without his own?

Who will cry for the little boy?
He cried himself to sleep.
Who will cry for the little boy?
He never had for keeps.

Who will cry for the little boy?
He walked the burning sand
Who will cry for the little boy?
The boy inside the man.

Who will cry for the little boy?
Who knows well hurt and pain
Who will cry for the little boy?
He died again and again.

Who will cry for the little boy?
A good boy he tried to be
Who will cry for the little boy?
Who cries inside of me.

This blog is on the tragedy and senselessness of black on black crime and our youths dying before their time. This poem came to mind after reading the Evening News on Quamarie Barnes’ story, and about the boy who killed him-the latter though the perpetrator, a victim of this deep-rooted malady in the black community and inner cities.

The poem ‘Who will Cry For The Little Boy’ was written by Antwone Fisher, whose life story book ‘Finding Fish’ was made into a film directed by and starring Denzel Washington. A life marred by deprivation, child physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Antwone Fisher did not allow those enormous psychological injuries to fully determine his life’s Journey. Though, in my opinion, those scars leave a certain legacy and one has to almost daily turn that wound into wonder and life purpose alchemy.

I think this is a poignant poem for our wounded youths at this time-those who go on to hurt through their hurt, and those who are able to turn hurt into healing, hope and difference making. I will cry for the little boy; I do cry for the little boy, and the little girl, all around the world, living in the absence of a loving and protective childhood. I cry for them all, and for those little children inside grown people.

I was one of those inner city children. I was one of those lost children inside a grown woman. And it was my crying for myself that brought me the healing I both needed and deserved. An outpouring that ensured that, though I had little control over how my life began, I got to decide, from that point on, how it would go on, to the very end.

P.s. And Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Rest In Eternal Sweet Peace Quamarie Barnes, and may the Comforting Peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding find its way into your parents, loved ones and friends’ hearts.

Peace and Love,