When More Life Calls..

Okay, 2020 is upon us…though the time is always Now 0 Clock. I have some big realisations coming up in 2020, the biggest, wildest, dream being, the publication of my book, Back2Love; back from what I was taught was love, to what love very simply IS. It has been some kind of Journey unlearning that mis-education and setting myself on the right path Life called out for me.

The Journey has been a bit like deciding to change a room around: to give it a different look, perspective and feel; then 2-4 hours into it, finding one’s self knee deep in stuff and the whole place looking totally shipwrecked. Stood there, in the middle and thick of it, seriously wondering if I should have started making this change to begin with! Wondering if all this mess is worth it, but being far too gone to turn back and change back now… deciding to keep on, until the work is done-whenever that is!! Keep on keeping on inspired by the vision of how much more life-giving and life-affirming the change will be.

That is what my book Back2Love is all about: a decision, its process, the mess, and the dream of be/holding that Call of Love’s,Time for Change;” a Bundle of Joy, made in this time, Possible.

Outside of the book, there are other continuing developments in the pipeline of my life of having put a lot of hard work in, honing the skills required for dreams, now awaiting harvesting. All this, whilst also working at striking a more happy and wholesome Life-Work- much needed- Balance.

So, if you are at all interested in the kind of road I am travelling along, watch this space, and feel free to share your own Inside-Out Journey. If on the other hand you are not interested, keep it moving, in a direction of your choosing, rather than bashing my own unique life choices & callings. There are many pathways on this One road…Each to their own… Love Bless the soul that’s got its own.

More Life to us all..💜

Peace & Love,