…Whilst The Iron’s Hot…

A quote I got from Facebook recently said,

“Kinda feeling like the Earth just sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.”

I kinda agree…

On that score there is no one exempt at this pandemic corona virus time; the privileged cannot buy their way out; the racist can’t use the poisonous ‘we are superior” card. At this time it has been made crystal clear- the world over- that we are One People, One Earth, One Human Race; all indoors at this time, being asked to re-think our time and place on this earth and to set our priorities straight: to come again if we are to continue well-enough on this Earth Plane, on loan to us whilst we are here. It belongs to no one!

Hopefully we will listen this time, as I know that many are called, but historically thus far, few choose to listen.

Another quote says,

“It is not a question of when mankind will learn; but when mankind will act on what it already knows.”

It is time to listen; it is time act on what in our hearts, souls and minds, we know.

Before corona we had/have been living in a world increasing going backward in time, slipping into hatred, believing it is alright to spread and act out that be-devilling spirit. And additionally, for us in the UK, sooo much time was spent/wasted (a good 2 years?) fixing a problem (Brexit) that was not a problem to begin with and therefore did not need fixing. And towards the end of Brexit’s nonsense conclusion and a Christmas tarnished by a stupid general election, coronavirus had been brewing..

And here we all are, locked down in our homes, with Social Responsibility- aka Collective Responsibility & the Spirit of Co-operation- becoming the new buzz word. All of a sudden we are all expected to know how to behave more just & fair: to live all together as one. This is how life should have been to begin with; minorities been knowing, and shouting for this, for the longest!

People, it’s time to awake; its time for that new paradigm to take its place. The old world order no longer works: look where it has got us…a dis-eased earth, a broken evironment and world; to this coronavirus time with fear and terror running rampantly amok….

with sooo many corona virus related deaths; sooo many dying alone; loved ones not able to be with family and friends when they sadly draw their last breaths. Friends and loved ones not able to go say goodbye at funerals; the vulnerable, once again, being the ones most impacted. People, WE NEED TO GET THIS!!

It’s time to try something new and move away from the ill-advised materialistic view, and listen more to the kind of people Melissa Kennedy speaks of in the following quote,

“We need to encourage the quiet rebels, the ones with a cause burning deep inside. For once they find a way to let the truth out of their bones, they just may bring the whole earth to bloom.”

So, whilst a lot of things in our lives at this time have been cancelled, let’s more firmly reinstate, and Lift On High, Love & Understanding. These two remedies the planet desperately needs- way before corona virus, and will continue to be the case for us as a species going forward.

And to those of you already woke- more power to you; keep spreading The Light of Peace, Joy, Truth & love, as we’ve been called to…

To those of you currently woken-enough not to fall back- more power to you also.

And to those of you still preferring an ignorance that is no longer bliss, rude awakenings to you! and hopefully to you alone, as oftentimes the bad apple in a cart spoils it for us all..

Below is a blog I wrote in February 2018….I was recently called to go back and read it and whilst doing so was struck by its prophetic essence…even the word Lock down is mentioned in it twice…

Here is hoping this piece open more eyes, re-news more minds, soften more hearts, and awaken & authentically nourish more souls…


Posted on February 28, 2018

Human-doings, that is what we have become. Twenty-four hours we are given in a day and we action it to the hilt. Mankind is truly making progress in becoming actual machine. The glorification of busy is at full speed. We treat ourselves and drag around our body like some dead weight, as if the body won’t exact certain cause and effect revenge. We do the same to the earth.

We are the only specifies in the world that works so hard at being anything other than itself. Apples ain’t trying to be oranges; elephants, giraffes; pigs, foxes…We have allowed our minds to run amok and get stuffed with what the world says is good for us; so terribly misguided we are.

So sad for example to see beautiful young women almost doing away with their beautiful selves by drawing all over their face; plastering on masks instead: massive eye lashes, drawn on over the top eye brows, spray tans, foundation that goes on for days. Why? Because it is now fashion; because everyone else does. We are fashioning ourselves out of existence. This is not a personal attack on any body; I just think it is such a great big pity that young/women don’t know they are already uniquely pretty in and of themselves.

How does the woman with all this added effects feels about her true self when she nightly takes the mask off? My feeling is not very comfortable; not very good. I think that is a great shame, because it is the real that is the true, not the version the world puts out and demands, “This is you!” As a Course in Miracles said, “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exist…” Think on this for a minute, or two…

Maybe I find this easy to talk on and recognise because since I was a child I never wanted to follow anything or anybody. I wanted to be myself- well, once I gave up on wishing I was a long-haired blue- eyed white little girl. I wanted to set my own standard, like watch the latest film , get this or that particular gadget and/or outfit when I got round to it- not when everyone is on the hype tip.

I seem to have been born with an inbuilt aversion to following popular opinion. And if I am going to be a part of any crowd, it is the crowd of the underdog, the fringe-dwellers. Those who stand just enough on the outside of things, looking in, so as not to get lost in ‘other,’ a lack of presence and perspective that obscure the much bigger and more important picture.

I’m never with the ‘popular’ because I have done already experienced and paid a high traumatic price for not fitting in, based on looks. I have already had front seat to the ‘normal;’ to the ‘popular;’ to the ‘that’s the way of things, why change it.’ Change it because that way stinks; because that way is unfair and cannot wholesomely prosper being inhumane and unjust by its very nature. Soon the cause and effect chicken must come home to roost, and I don’t want to be in the vicinity when all hell breaks loose.

So the morale of this blog is people, just because most people do this and/or that, does not make this and that the thing to do, it just means that those people lack the required amount of individuality, consciousness and courage to go against the tide and increase real and true life. It just means most people find it hard to think for themselves and use well that warm blooded mammal brain we have been given- and some have argued supposedly makes us superior to the animals…questionable…🤔

I do not buy into that at all. At least animals are being true to who they are and living their lives as their lives has been designed to be lived. They have that on lock down; we have our true self on lock down because we are afraid to be singled out. That is why I love love love people who goes out on limbs, even if they don’t have what is considered talent; they tried; so brave! Whilst the secretly frightened, who cannot dare to find it in him or herself to truly show themselves, sit back in their “tiny-hearted safety in numbers” armchair, criticising and pointing pointless fingers at those who dares. When in the eyes of Life, those that dares, wins.

Through my own daring and going out on limbs, I have come to feel very comfortable holding my corner. I have come to feel quite at home standing alone, especially when I dare to take a stand and say what is in my heart and soul, going against the status quo. And when I am coming to the end of my time, whenever that may be, at least I would die knowing I was me, and I fulfilled who I was called here to be. That I didn’t die with that beautiful music locked inside of me; that I learned to dance to my own humane tune.

That is the Peace Of Mind I fall asleep with every night, and what with sleep, I believe, being a dress rehearsal for the coming end of transient time, I have my prioritises right and I am daily rehearsing very well- if I say so myself!

So to my mind, when nature calls, having to endure the “this too shall pass” discomforting fear of being my “uncomfortable truth” self, is a very small price to pay. And this Sweet Surrendered Peace of Mind, no amount of money, masks and fitting in will ever be able to buy- though it does try, and the powers that don’t know how To Be, daily, endeavours to milk us dry.

This way of Being is my daily bread, as mankind in his/her right mind, cannot live happily and well by material alone. And the top prize? I get to keep this Peace and have it live, rest and abide in me, even when I am challenged by the various existential life-givens that comes with the human condition.

Yes, this is the Life I every day choose to be living, remembering that I am not my life’s contents, but Life its very self!

Peace & Love,



Feeling kinda vex…Sooo much time was spent (a good 2 years?) fixing a problem that was not a problem to begin with, and towards the end of it’s nonsense conclusion and stupid Christmas election….all the whilst the coronavirus was beginning to make its presence felt- around December 2019, if not before..

And now the world is now all locked up in theirs home and social responsibility has become the new word, one that had taken a nose dive especially since right-winged politics has gotten back in the drivers seat!! All of a sudden we are to be together as one, when this is how life should be- minorities knows this…

And I am not convinced that after this we will carry this new togetherness through. People still going to fall back unhappily ignorantly asleep. I hope not, but ignorance makes no sense and is very stupid.

Anyhow folks, to those of you already awoke- 👊 more power to you. To those of you woken up enough not to fall back- 👊 more power to you too. To those of us already wide awake, keep sharing the light of Love, Truth, Peace & Joy…

Keep making a difference, and know that is making THE difference #keepingitreal #ignoranceisnotcancelled #stillhavenuffworktodo 💜💜💜


😡 Stay woke folks…

Wisdom at the bottom (of the pile)..©

In relationships between dominant and subordinate groups, the subordinate group members always possess a far greater understanding of the dominant group members and their culture than vice versa. Harriet G Lerner.

An Aside:

This blog site, fromtheheartsoul, is my voice: the voice of a first generation Black British woman, from African-Caribbean descent. In my voice is African, Caribbean, British, and Woman. I speak, and come, unapologetically, from that conglomerate of experiences, present and historic. In my bloodline have come the traumatic experience of slavery, and the experience of being a minority in the Western World. I still struggle to know which box to tick on E. O. P monitoring forms- I would like a category that includes African-Caribbean & Black-British; all together…Perhaps African-British could be where I leave my mark in the box marked “other.”

This week I heard again that Jamaica was the place slave owners placed the Africans who fought against slavery from all the different places/countries that held Africans captive. It was thought and hoped by slave owners that these individuals of rebellious Africans would not fare well on that inhabitable Island of Jamaica with its dangerous highlands.

This makes me feel kinda proud…It makes me wonder if this is where my tenacious spirit comes from, as whenever something, or someone tries to knock me down, as peace-loving and amicable as I am, I instinctively rise up and stand up for myself- whoever the person thinks they are in hierarchy.

I can struggle with being “Black British,” though I am happy to be it, because my ethnicity must include my Africanness. It must include the genocide of slavery that runs through my ancestral veins, and the emancipation there from. It must include the ruin of the richness of that cultural heritage, and its massive – and unrecognised- contribution on the world stage, one I had to go off and rediscover for myself.

It has to include the colonisation and re-framing of Africa as “uncivilised,” and “third world,” needing to be saved and to swallow wholesale western ways of seeing, living, being, doing, to be considered worthy of the same rights and consideration as my white counterparts, so my ethnic identity is not clearly and straightforwardly set for me.

The following piece has been inspired by unfair treatment at work which forced me to resign, as I know myself and what belongs to me and what is absolute nonsense. Too long in the tooth to waste precious energy and time fighting unnecessary battles…Here goes..

Being from that subordinate group, who’s able to see “all angles,” I can struggle with feminism, because the founding feminists, who names themselves thusly, were white privileged women and they have an active history of being my oppressors and have not wrestled enough with that themselves-with that uncomfortable truth, still. Their prejudice is oftentimes unconscious and difficult for them to willingly recognise. I see this in your fear of my assertiveness, and your speediness to swiftly turn that assertion in your minds into an angry negative; into the out of order black woman.

You, my feminist sister, you wanted to get out the house and go to work; we, your darker hues, long/longed to feel and be -financially and other wise- comfortable and esteemed. To have had the choice to stay home and override having to do it all, the world made that a luxury for the likes of me. To stay at home, nurse our children, take them to and from school, that would have be wonderful! Ain’t I a woman, too?

You see, that 4 acres and a mule did not get us very far; some of us are still very much on historical catch up, just like someone coming from childhood adverse experiences, when in recovery thereof, as adult is on psychological catch-up too, emotionally and developmentally.

I have seen other minority groups, for example Asians from China and India, look down on black people from an heritage such as mine, only happy to include the likes of me and mine when they need the money from our pockets to line their own. Or when others, still, needs our numbers to increase the power in their particular minority struggle; using us as it suits them- including politicians. How very useful we can be; until we ask, “What about me!”

To me, the True Feminist has done the healing; has done the uncovering, and recovery of privilege and that false sense of identity and security that once afforded them. True Feminism has looked at and understands their internalised prejudice and the ways they hold dear to it when it suits them.

The True Feminist can allow the black woman (in this instance) to her voice and to hold so called “feminist” accountable when they start to zone out and become unconscious. The True Feminists have gone off themselves and done the work, instead of expecting black folks to teach them; instead of expecting black folks to open eyes that deep down prefers not to see so use it is to occupying the role of patriarchal victim. Unless you can do this, and hold to maintaining this true feminist perspective, your Cause will not reflect me & mine bottom of the pile, unique perspective.

Just like, to me, a True Christian is out in the world making waves; giving vent to legitimate anger when he or she sees ignorance masquerading around like it’s all learned and shit! A True Christian, like Christ, is kicking down tables in synagogues, holding others accountable; putting themselves and their lives on the line, risking being crucified! Same too for true feminism; she is supposed to know how racism, from her own subjugated (though privileged) perspective, possibly taste, and feels- and detest it. She does not pick and choose injustice, depending on whose company she is in in that moment: she, like Christ, like me, calls shit out, wherever shit is, Period!

So, being a woman, I do not feel myself to be a feminist- I don’t believe that movement is totally for me and mine, not quite yet. Just like if Christ came back, He would kill himself, seeing what has happened and is being done in His name. The fight against Injustice is inclusive, not temperamental; not sentimental; not momentarily; not occasional. You have to roll up your sleeves and risk getting dirty deep in shit if you are a true fighter of Injustice. At times you will not be liked; you will be laughed at; ostracised; crucified; burnt alive; hanged from a tree; scapegoated, continuously.

And in especial regards to the workplace, true feminism does not follow patriarchy worn out privileged policies & procedures; they are everyday pioneers; fighting the good fight inside and outside of work; in and outside of church- not just on Sundays; not just Monday-Friday 9-5pm. True fighters of injustice also detest the straight jacket that is bound up in the word “professional.” In the workplace “being professional” oftentimes means being hard-hearted and without conscience; stepping on people you feel are below you; holding tight to hierarchy; leaving feeling, intuition and emotion out of the equation…that which makes us human!

Maybe “being professional” should be replaced with states of being such as Integrity, Emotional Intelligence, Self-awareness, having conscience; kindness, cooperation…

Maybe then institutions would not be a huge malignant world and law unto themselves; oppressive toxic spaces, where all that is most humane, has no place, and is oftentimes driven out. I read a quote yesterday that says, “People do not leave good workplaces; they leave toxic work cultures.”

How very true…

The True Feminist understands when I get angry and does not use my (legitimate) anger against me. The true feminist works hard at setting aside an unconscious negating envy that oftentimes becomes unnerved when I stand up for myself and assertively call out injustice when I find it. Instead of getting defensive, consider my more all-seeing all-angle perspective as wisdom, and hear -not fear- me. In this more true and unified position, we all can, and do, win.

For now, I prefer to play with Bell Hooks ideas taken up in her 1981 book “Ain’t I a Woman? Black women and feminism. “Also taken up by Alice Walker in her idea of Womanism. These ideas, at this current time, are more befitting to me.

We have come quite a way, but we still have a ways to go…

So, to you, my sisters, and others in a struggle, heed the following:

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting our time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” Lila Watson

From The Righteously Angry Articulate Self-Loving Black/African Woman….


Back To Love..🧡

Peace & Love,


Fear of Change ©

The following is an extract taken from a book I am currently writing and putting together. Watch this space for further information on that, as well as on my autobiography, two pieces of work which I hope to have published one day.

Fear of Change

I will begin these reflections with an article entitled The Fear of Change, which I wrote in 2000 for an independent magazine called Executive Black Women. I was one of their quarterly featured writers, writing on the theme of personal development, self-transformation, and realising dreams.  I came upon this article recently and thought that I would include it here in this collection. Good to see, 18 years on, I am still very much on track in regard to my own self-rediscovery, living of my truth, and overall following of my bliss.

Avoiding facing our fears is the greatest obstacle in living the life that we have imagined, even if we have only done so, quietly and fleetingly, in the secret chambers of our hearts.  A Jamaican folklore says, “De higher a monkey clime, de more ‘im exposed;” meaning, the higher a monkey climbs, the more fear it is exposed to as a natural part of the growth process and course, therefore fear per se ought not put us off. Fear, like change is a natural part of life and need not impede us in our forward movements in it.

The urgency and need for personal and collective change remains ever urgent as it was at the turn of the new millennium when I wrote this article – and as it had been at other crucial points in human history. The hope of change and all the good that comes with taking risks and going out on limbs, I believe is the call of us human beings: the next step on our evolutionary ladder. Dare we take it? Even though very scary at first, stepping out on faith is always richly rewarded. I have found this to be the case time and again in my own life, as well as in the lives of my clients during my accompaniment with them on their very brave ‘know thyself’ inner terrain Journeys.

Every day is an act and a jumping in on faith. For example, faith in the hope that the day will turn out well; that tomorrow will be given us; that our loved ones will be well; that all the invisible hands that ensures we have all the things we need to get us through our day will be there daily doing the same, like the supplying of electricity and gas, the nicely packaged ready and waiting food; like public transport running and being on time to get us and take us daily from and to our various A’s and B’s.

So we already get a lot of practice in faith and stepping out on it, be it though for most of us this living in faith is a more unconscious than conscious way of living and being. When we truly get how much of our living and being is an act of faith and let that faith be more consciously in operation and action in our lives, we can come to experience life more graciously, and gratefully, taking nothing for granted, and appreciating everything, which in turn brings with it more lasting inside-out happiness. An inside-out happiness that spills over into all our relationships: those with our nearest and dearest as well as our brotherhood of man.


Peace & Love,