Humane-Up, I Say, Again..

I am reading a book and it says this about the power of both action and inaction…arguing that they both go on to have their individual impact….I quote from the book,

“Remember this axiom: ‘All that it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. ‘ Hitler brought massive destruction into the world because, for a time, millions of individuals did nothing to stop him. Finally, masses of righteous men and women became so outraged that they fought back and created more destruction in order to stop Hitler. It had to be done, but the truly sad thing is that the situation need not have existed in the first place…”

If people had acted…sooner…

This is where we are with this ongoing historical, racial trauma of black folks…

This is where we are with that orange president in the USA that is “being allowed ” to say, do, and get away with all sorts of unforgivable and highly questionable things…

Humane-up people. We are all in this world together…No one group can be happy in the world if it is at the expense of another group of individuals….

All humankind are created equal…Nuff said..

Peace & Love,


Our Brother’s Keeper..

Hi all..

Just passing by to say, let’s not turn on each other for finding a safe way to do exercise if that is what keeps us mind body spirit well. I’ve been going to the park and jogging. I am lucky because I have 2 parks walking distance from me. I also struggle with ptsd anxiety so need this outlet. Children also need exercise which can also be done safely in the park. Some of us do not have gardens. Also some of us have also had, and exercise, this sense of Social Responsibility- aka Collective Responsibility.

I’ve been banging on- in one form or another- that yes, we are indeed our brothers Keeper. It is going to take self- absorbed people that bit longer- and some of them may still behave irresponsible- not may, but will behave irresponsibly, take Trump, for example (truth & joke aside).

Before corona we been living in a world increasing going back into the dark ages of hatred, believing it is alright to spread and act out that be-devilling spirit. Being a Counsellor in the business of change, change don’t happen over night, and change don’t happen unless it is wholeheartedly wanted and the individual is looking straight in the eye of the problem before beginning that Journey.

We still need love, understanding, and rude awakenings…that was the case before Corona and will continue to be the case for US on Planet Earth.

One of my favourite ancient African philosophy says, which sooo applies today like never before, is:

“Whatever happens to the individual happens to the whole group, whatever happens to the whole group happens to the individual.”

It’s human , and okay to feel vulnerable and afraid, but let US try extra hard to keep love and conscientiousness in the driver’s seat of our lives, not fear & division. Also remembering to keep an eye on and steer clear off that be-devilling spirit of divide and rule…it loves such times as these….Nuff said..

Peace & Love, Light 💛


In my work as a Counsellor I hear and see time and time again how us human beings fall incredibly short on knowing how to be there for others/friends/loved ones in need- even those well- intentioned. How at our most pained and vulnerable a person in emotional need is turned away and/or shut down. Shut down by comments such as “don’t dwell on it;” “think positive;” “move on;” “don’t cry;” “it could be worse.” Then we wonder why the depressed kills themselves.

People oftentimes attempts and/or kill themselves because there is no one emotionally, let alone physically, there to help bear those terribly pain-filled emotions and mental states…

People suffer in silence because they know and have beared the brunt of such flippant comments in a world emotionally-removed from itself…

Put it to the test- when watching tv notice the usual response to a character upset and in tears….In your own world observe how tempting it is for you to tell people- direct and indirectly- to not feel how they are feeling….Present yourself in need and observe how people respond to you…See how children with their feelings are told what to do with them…

Feelings comes to pass, not to be denied. We deny them at our peril…watch the news, read the papers…This is not rocket science- or perhaps it is…

We live in a world where feelings, emotions,  and mental struggles are demonized and viewed as weak, shameful, dangerous…

I say to you,  forget Man-up, we need to HUMANE-UP!

This world seriously needs it: it seriously need humane beings being as they are made to be as warm-blooded mammals…

Humans NEEDS humans and suffers for the lack of. This is evident in the fact that we are the only species dependent on our carers for the longest period of time- 18 years. 18 years is needed for our optimal development, that is also why CHILDHOOD MATTERS and why we suffer long afterward when childhood rearing- or lack of- does us more harm than good.

HUMANE-UP human beings! We are meant to be warm blooded mammals; warmed up and entrusted as such to be here, on earth,  doing a much better job than we are doing….We behave more like animals and in that disposition elect inhumane beings to govern us.

This world is twisted and is in serious need of Back to Human Kind Basics….

Nuff said..

Peace & Love