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Today I decided to be more present with myself in regards to this ongoing struggle I am having with my eating. These past two and half years it has felt like my troubled relationship with food has returned. It has felt like that old hungering has taken up residence in my heart,and I cannot shake her, or get her to depart. And I don’t quite understand why she’ s here again, after all these years- 28 to be exact.

Back then I was struggling with out and out bulimia.But like I said, after some years of therapy, and happening on this recovery journey, I had thought I had put her to bed. So, why is she here now, seeming to turn my life upside down?

I’m really struggling with this question, hence the decision to write this particular blog, and in so doing hopefully keep track and come upon the reason why- why this old adversary threatens, again, and what’s “The More” I crave beyond the physical appetite side of desire.

Peace & Love,