Back to Love..


…The memory of that particular situation had been initially, however fleetingly, triggered in 1991 while actively dealing with the ex-family friend abuse of me during therapy. However, even at this particular time, while reading the dream journal, I was still quite distant from it all, mostly because of the unconscious and misguided self-blame, still outside of awareness, taking place. It wasn’t until August 2005, while working on this book, that it became plain as the light of day what Barry had done, and in its wake brought to the surface other, previously out of reach memories and feelings.

It was those particular feelings and memories, and daring to share them and it all with a friend, especially post the Norman experience, which had led me to the decision of further therapy. My friend had suggested that I seek out some kind of therapy to help put these particular demons to bed, which I agreed with and did, and which took me, in June 2000, right back into group therapy at the Women’s Therapy Centre, the very place where I had started this recovery journey. At the time, it had felt like a coming to full circle, like moving further into the deeper healing and inner knowing, and in so doing, bringing more needed completion to the beginning of ends…

Peace & Love,


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